Pit bulls have actually a poor rap as soon as it concerns their reputation, however that discrimination mainly stems from gathered years that dog fighting and also media portrayal. In fact, these fur babies are amongst the most loveable animals you will certainly come across, although we won’t downplay the power of their jaws and the stamin they are qualified of. The pit bull, or the American pit bull terrier to be exact, is a muscular medium-sized dog breed with exceptional stamina and athleticism.

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Although there room many varieties of pit bulls, they space all under the umbrella ax of the American pit bull terrier breed. One of the most usual distinctions between the each other is the color of your noses. There space red nose and also blue sleep pitbulls. Various other than the shade variation, what other differences are there in between the red nose and blue sleep pit bulls?

An synopsis of Blue Nose and also Red sleep Pit Bulls

Let’s acquire to know the breed a bit better first. You can not realize it, but pit bulls are part of the terrier breeds. That’s right, terriers aren’t just small, fast and agile little canines, however American pit bull terriers account for part of this breed. Also, this can take friend by surprise, however the term pit bull is not a each other classification. They space not a separate breed, in fact, it’s a term that no only encompasses American pit bull terriers, it also accounts because that the American Staffordshire terrier, and also Staffordshire bull terrier.

Some people and breeders might likewise argue that blue noses and red sleep pit bulls room two various breeds, yet by UKC (United Kennel Club) standards, they space both of the exact same American pit bull terriers breed – just with different coloration yet not a different breed

Pit bull terriers were initially bred because that hunting and carrying out other working dog tasks. This isn’t surprising considering your muscular build and incredible agility. There is no debating the strength and fierceness this breed can exude, yet they room loveable and also affectionate dog at their core. It’s unfortunate humans have actually taken advantage of their sweet nature and also bred them for dog fights. It’s vital for pet owners and also dog lover alike come look previous this ill-gotten reputation and also see these loveable pups for who they are.

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Why is there a difference in sleep color? first of all, pit bulls have actually acquired various coloring throughout year of breeding. Lock can end up through blue noses or red noses, however neither need to deem the rarity that the breed. It additionally doesn’t make sense for breeders come deep one much better than the other and raise your prices on the color of your noses alone.

A blue sleep pitbull is normally a product of black pit bulls or a cross breeding of black and red lines. Many blue nosed pit bulls will have actually a coat in a comparable shade of bluish grey v their eyes in a similar light color scheme. Girlfriend might also see job of white linked in the grey coloring.

As because that a red nose pit bull, their coloring is no due to breeding but stems native a particular red nose breed the originates from Ireland. Red sleep pit bulls will have reddish brown coats, periodically patches of white, and also light brown eyes.

Of course, other color variations the red nose and blue sleep pit bulls likewise exist. You have the right to view castle as warm colored pit bulls and cool colored pit bulls. Currently let’s take a closer look in ~ each kind of pit bull breed to recognize the differences and also hopefully help you pick the right fur baby because that you.

Blue sleep Pit Bulls


Continuing on indigenous the vault topic, is over there a method to guarantee your red nosed pitbull or blue nosed is no aggressive? the course, over there is! With enough patience, training, and also socialization, almost any puppy can flourish up to be well-rounded adults.

Not to dive too much right into puppy training, we will give you a condensed perform of actions to require to ensure your red noses or blue nose pit bull terrier will construct into loving family members dogs.

+ Socialization

Proper socialization and also exposure to brand-new things together a puppy are among the many pressing components when increasing your pit bull. Every the experiences her red nosed pit bulls go with in his early years will type who he is. This is the same with any dog breed. Make sure to take her pit bull on many of dog dates and let him obtain acquainted through dogs the a various breed, size and also temperament.

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Taking that to new places, letting him experience the sand between his toes and also what turbulent rocks feel like through arduous climbs will also shape pit bulls into wholesome family dogs. Remember that with socialization, you may encounter uneducated dog owners or those who space tentative come let your puppies play v your red nosed or blue nosed pitbull terrier.

We understand that this might invoke annoyance on her part, but view this together an opportunity to education your fellow dog lover and hopefully correct your views on what is a really loving dog breed.

+ Training

Whether you have actually a red nosed come blue nosed pitbull, adequate early training is necessary. Two types of training you are looking at an initial thing is crate training and also potty training. Crate cultivate will offer you peace of mind once you leave the residence or walk to bed in ~ night. Knowing that your loveable pit bull is safely in his “room” will bring you unbelievable peace.

Also, not having to clean up after your red nose pit bull or blue sleep pit bull terrier will maintain your sanity. There is naught worse than having to follow her dog around and also wipe increase after the 24/7. Potty training, whether you usage a urine pad or exclusively take her pit bull out to execute his business will save your house clean.

No matter what you are trying to teach her pit bull, constantly come in ~ it with a ton of patience, a many cheer and praise, and also handfuls the treats for hopeful reinforcement.

Are red nose or blue nose pit bulls rare?

No, there isn’t a red nosed or blue nosed pit bull that’s rarer 보다 the other. The just difference between the 2 is the cloak color and also nose color. However, the the shade of pigment need to not be an indicator of how rare the dog is. Countless dog owners may be fooled by breeders, however we will certainly say that perhaps certain color combinations room rare because that this dog, yet it isn’t based specifically on the nose shade alone.

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The old family red sleep bloodline might be harder come obtain, yet dogs native the old family members line might be at risk to genetic disorders.

How do I recognize if I have actually a red sleep or blue sleep pit bull?

You may think the answer come this concern is a basic one, but with for this reason many shade variations and with something together unpredictable together genetics, we assumed we’d clarify points in this section. Take a watch at her dog’s nose and examine the color. A red sleep pit bull doesn’t constantly have a red the shade on his nose. It can selection from red, to red pink or reddish brown. Basically, if the nose is a heat color, you have actually a red sleep pit bull.

On the flipside, a blue sleep pit bull won’t always have a very distinguishable shade of blue. If you have a greyish or even light black nosed pit bull terrier, then he would certainly be classified as a blue nose.

Is red nose a bloodline?

What some world say is all red nose pit bulls are from the old family members red nose bloodline. However, that stays to be seen. The household lineage might be really diluted through now, so be wary when a breeder wants to fee extra because the dog is from the old family members red nose bloodline without the papers and evidence to earlier it up. Also, be conscious that the red nosed pit bull old family members in Ireland is additionally a an outcome of inbreeding.

They bred because that temperament and gameness and also not for looks. The red noses are just a an outcome of near relations and appearances that the red nosed pit bulls.


The bottom heat is, there isn’t a difference between the 2 red nose pit bull and blue nose pit bull in regards to rarity or temperament. The price could vary relying on demand and also preference, for the red nosed pit bull terrier or the blue nose. However, one point we have the right to guarantee is this breed is not normally aggressive. Yes, they to be bred come undertake details tasks that may require aggression, however this was simply due to the physicalities the the breed.

One thing we will say is the blue nose pitbulls are an ext prone to skin issues. If you space looking to include a pit bull terrier to your home, don’t permit the blue noses or red noses litter you off. They room not a various breed and have a negative rap due to the fact that they were originally used as fighting dogs. Potential dog owners can look in shelters an initial as lock are among the most usual breeds uncovered in rescues early to common misconceptions.

Did you Know?

Look into the breeder prior to you embrace a puppy. You may be unlucky and tricked into getting a blue nose or red sleep pitbull through aggression bred right into him.

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Expert Tip

Breeding native a smaller sized gene pool leads to hereditary disorders and this is more prevalent in the red nose pit bull neighborhood due come the old household line.