By Matthew Dicks | April 20, 2016 | Comments off on “Close to the chest” or “close to the vest?” The price annoys the hell the end of me.

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I’ve heard this idiom talked both ways:

“Play her cards close come the vest.”“Play your cards close come the chest.”

So i wondered: i beg your pardon of these is correct?

The answer: Both.

There is no definitive answer come this question. If it shows up that “close come the vest” appeared first, “close come the chest” followed practically immediately, and also today, both are supplied with equal frequency.


This annoys the hell the end of me. I want there to be an answer. I want among these idioms to it is in correct, and frankly, I want it to it is in “close to the vest.”

This middling, indecisive linguistic uncertainty is stupid.

As a writer, I’m thrilled through a selection of means to refer a solitary idea, yet that selection should contain part actual variation fairly than 2 words (vest and also chest)that essentially mean the same thing in this context and rhyme.

And the shouldn’t be the an outcome of an inability to decide upon a correct means of to express a particular idiom.

So I’m acquisition a stand.I say that “close to the vest” is correct and those who say “close to the chest” space heathens and also cretins and also socially i can not accept monsters. Etymological criminals. Language murderers.

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Disagree through my selection? Unsure if I’m right? do a Google photo search top top “close come the vest” and “close to the chest” and see which collection of images more closely record the definition of this idiom and which collection of images make friend marginally uncomfortable.

Who is with me?


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