A carpenter designed a triangle table that had one leg. He offered a special suggest of the table which was the center of gravity, because of which the table was balanced and stable.

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Do you understand what this special point is recognized as and how perform you uncover it?

This special suggest is the point of concurrency that medians.

In this page, you will find out all around the suggest of concurrency.This mini-lesson will also cover the suggest of concurrency of perpendicular bisectors, the point of concurrency that the edge bisectors the a triangle, and interesting practice questions.Let’s begin!

Lesson Plan

1.What Is the point of Concurrency?
2.Important notes on the allude of Concurrency
3.Solved instances on the point of Concurrency
4.Challenging concerns on the point of Concurrency
5. Interactive inquiries on the suggest of Concurrency

What Is the suggest of Concurrency?

The point of concurrency is apoint where 3 or much more linesor raysintersect v each other.

For example, referring to the image displayed below, allude A is the allude of concurrency, and all the 3 rays l, m, n room concurrent rays.

Triangle Concurrency Points

Four different types of line segments deserve to be drawn for atriangle.

Please refer to the adhering to table because that the over statement:

Name of the line segmentDescriptionExample
Perpendicular BisectorThese space the perpendicular lines drawn to the sides of the triangle.


Angle BisectorThese lines bisect the angle of the triangle.


MedianThese line segments connect any kind of vertex the the triangle to the mid-point of the opposite side.


AltitudeThese are the perpendicular lines drawn to the opposite side from the vertices the the triangle.


As four different species of heat segments have the right to be attracted to a triangle, likewise we have four different points the concurrency in a triangle.

These concurrent points are described as different centers according to the lines conference at the point.

The various points that concurrency in the triangle are:


1. Circumcenter

The circumcenter is the suggest of concurrency the theperpendicular bisectors of every the political parties of a triangle.


For an obtuse-angled triangle, the circumcenter lies external the triangle.

For a right-angled triangle, the circumcenter lies in ~ the hypotenuse.

If we attract a circle acquisition a circumcenter together thecenter and touching the vertices of the triangle, we obtain a circle known as a circumcircle.


2. Incenter

The incenter is the allude of concurrency the theangle bisectors of every the internal anglesof thetriangle.

In various other words, the suggest where three angle bisectorsof the angles of the triangle fulfill areknown together the incenter.

The incenter always lies within the triangle.


The circle the is drawn taking the incenter as the center, is recognized as the incircle.


3. Centroid

The allude where 3 mediansof the triangle satisfy isknown as the centroid.


In Physics, we usage the term"center the mass" and itlies at the centroid that the triangle.

Centroid always lies within the triangle.

It always divides every median into segments in the proportion of 2:1.

4. Orthocenter

The suggest where three altitudesof the triangle meet isknown as the orthocenter.

For one obtuse-angled triangle, the orthocenter lies outside the triangle.


Observe the different congruency points of a triangle v the following simulation:


Example 1

Ruth needs to identify the figure which accurately represents the development of one orthocenter. Can you assist her figure out this?



The allude where the 3 altitudes the a triangle meet are known as the orthocenter.

Therefore, the orthocenter is a concurrent point of altitudes.


\(\therefore\)Figure C represents an orthocenter.
Example 2

Shemron hasa cake the is shaped favor an equilateral triangle of sides \(\sqrt3 \text in\) each. He wants to discover out the radiusofthe circular basic of the cylindricalbox which will certainly contain this cake.



Since it isan equilateral triangle, \( \text AD\) (perpendicular bisector)will go with the circumcenter \(\text O \).

The circumcenter will divide the it is provided triangle right into three same triangles if joined v the vertices.


\<\beginalign* \text area \triangle AOC &= \text area \triangle AOB = \text area \triangle BOC \endalign*\>


\<\beginalign* \text area the \triangle ABC&= 3 \times \text area the \triangle BOC \endalign* \>

Using the formula because that the area that an it is intended triangle\<\beginalign* &= \dfrac\sqrt34 \times a^2 \hspace3cm ...1 \endalign* \>

Also, area that triangle \<\beginalign* &= \dfrac12 \times \text basic \times \text elevation \hspace1cm ...2 \endalign* \>

By using equation 1 and 2 for \(\triangle \textBOC\) we get,

\<\beginalign* \dfrac\sqrt34 \times a^2 &= 3\times \dfrac12 \times a\times OD\\OD &= \dfrac12\sqrt3 \times a\hspace2cm ...3\endalign*\>

Now, by using equation 1 and also 2 for \(\triangle \textABC\) us get,

\(\textArea that the \triangle\text ABC \) \<= \dfrac12 \times \text basic \times \text height =\dfrac\sqrt34\times a^2 ...4\>

Using equation 3 and 4, we get

\<\beginalign*\dfrac 12\times a\times (R+OD) &= \dfrac \sqrt 34\times a^2 \\\dfrac12 a\times \left( R+\dfrac a2\sqrt3\right) &= \dfrac\sqrt34\times a^2\\R &= \dfrac a\sqrt3 \endalign*\>


\< \beginalign*a & = \sqrt3\endalign*\>

\(\therefore\) \(\text R = 1 \textin\)

Example 3

A teacher drew 3 medians that a triangle and also asked his college student to surname the concurrent suggest of these 3 lines. Can you name it?


The suggest where three mediansof the triangle accomplish areknown together the centroid.

The concurrent allude drawn by the teacher is-

Example 4

For an it is intended \(\triangle \textABC\), if p is the orthocenter, discover the worth of \( \angle BAP\).


For an it is provided triangle, all the 4 points (circumcenter, incenter, orthocenter, and centroid) coincide.

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Therefore, allude P is also an incenter of this triangle.

Since this is an it is provided triangle in which every the angles are equal, the value of \( \angle BAC = 60^\circ\)