Sootopolis City is fairly large, and also shaped choose a ball. Come the west the the city is the PokeMart andsome buildings. To the best of the city is the Pokemon Center and also some buildings. At the center of the cityis the Gym. What you want to do now is go from the PokeMart"s side (west) and also go to the north of the city. Thereyou"ll satisfy Steven and also his friend, Wallace. Wallace is likewise the Gym Leader. They"ll take you to a cavern known together the cavern of Origin.

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Locations (Sootopolis City)


You"ll need to use speed in order to see much more of the screen. Together you go deeper, you"ll encounter some fog, and then HM 07 - Waterfall. Also as girlfriend go, the legendarymonster roars over and also over again, rumbling the cave as the does. In the last room, you"ll meet the biology of her version,Groudon because that Ruby, and also Kyogre because that Sapphire. Go near them, and your Orb will glow, and also the Pokemon will battle you!

They are lv. 45, and are fairly strong. I imply that you don"t usage your Master Ball ~ above it, because there room morelegendaries later on in the game. Very first save the game, therefore you have the right to always try to record it again if friend messed up. Shot to put it to Sleep, or obtain its HP real low. Then throw an Ultra Ball. After capturing it, get back outside. You"ll discover that the world has been revitalized to how it used to be.

Locations (Cave the Origin)

Now go to the Pokemon Center, and also heal your Pokemon. Then enter the residence right beside it because that a Wailmer Doll. ~ that, surfacross the water come the various other side. In one of the houses there, a Blackbelt will provide you TM 31 - Brick Break. Finally, it"s timeto obtain your last badge. Surf to the gym in the facility of the city, and get all set to rumble!

Final Badge

Steven will certainly talk come you first, and then fly away. Go within the gym, wherein your final gym battle awaits you.This gym is filled with trainers v Water Pokemon, and also a hard ice puzzle. To walk about on the ice, you must touch every component of the ice (make it crack) v your feet just once, or you"ll fall to the room below, where countless trainers await you. In order to acquire through without falling, please adhering to thisguide once you touch the very first piece of ice, and also save each time you finish a puzzle:

1 step right, 1 action up, 2 measures left, 1 step up, 1 action right, and also climb the stairs.1 step up top top the ice, 3 procedures left, 2 actions up, 2 steps right, 1 action down, 3 step right, 1 step down, 1 step right, 2 stepsup, 3 actions left, and climb the stairs.1 action up top top the ice, 2 steps right, 1 action up, 2 actions right, 1 action down, 1 step right, 3 measures up, 2 measures left, 1 action down, 1 step left, 1 action up, 1 step left, 2 procedures down, 2 measures left, 1 action down, 1 step left, 1 step up, 1 action left, 1 step down, 1 step left, 1 step up, 1 step left,2 procedures up, 1 action right, 1 action down, 1 action right, 1 action up, 1 action right, 1 step down, 1 step right, 1 step up, 1 action right, and also climb the stairs.

After every that, friend can battle the gym leader.He"s Wallace, and also you"ve just met him a while ago. Now you"re walking to battle him because that your last badge. He has thefollowing 5 Pokemon: a lv. 40 Luvdisc, a lv. 42 Whiscash, a lv. 40 Sealeo, a lv. 42 Seaking, and a lv. 43Milotic. The last Pokemon, is the course, the hardest to defeat. Milotic to know Recover, therefore knock it the end quickly! ~ winning,you"ll get TM 03 - Water Pulse and the Rain Badge. Currently all Pokemon will obey you, and you can now usage Waterfall outsideof battle! leave the gym merely by falling v the ice.

You"ve done it. You"ve travel and built up all eight gym bagdes. Her final location now is the Pokemon organization inEver Grande City. Leaving Sootopolis City by diving at the dark waters southern of the city. Gain out of the smallcave, and also resurface. Go east, and then southern onto course 128.

Route 128, 129, 130, 131

As you go southern toward your destination, you"ll an alert many patches of dark water. Dive down whenever you see one, due to the fact that there just may be things underneath. The Proteinshown ~ above the left was uncovered by diving into a dark patch of water surrounded by white-colored land. You"ll be going southern forquite a while. Once reach path 129, begin going west.

Locations (Route 128)

Go west from route 129. You"ll fulfill some trainers, continue on to route 130, and find theSky column in the middle of route 131. Here, you can shot to record the legend Pokemon Rayquaza. SkyPillar will only be open to friend after you defeat the elite 4.

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Sky Pillar

Sky shaft is a kind of secret tower in this game, and contains a vicious looking legendary Pokemon. Enter thecave, and also go right into the tower. The first floor is quite simple: simply walk up the stairs. You"ll find cracks top top thefloor ~ above the 2nd floor. Usage your Mach Bike to get past it. There will certainly be 2 staircases ~ above the 3rd floor. Take it the one top top the appropriate to obtain to the fourth floor. This is the tricky part. The cracks right here are tough to obtain through, together you"ll should cruise through every one of them on her bike in one go. If girlfriend stop, the bike will shed it"s momentum,and you"ll drop down. Walk to the middle approximately where the area that the center stairs in the vault floor, and drop down. From below on, just find your way to the staircases, and also everything will occupational out fine. The is, untilyou reach the sixth floor, whereby a legend Pokemon awaits you.