hello guys, i know still have actually some of you room confusing around how to get HM01-Cut & HM03-Surf


Before you acquire cut, make certain you gained 2 gym badges (defeat 2 gym)

and right here is the steps:


1. Help Bill to discover his research publication to get SS anne ticket
course 25

2. Talk to physician Neuman in SS anne 1F Kitchen

3. Talk to Jenson in SS anne 2F Room6 to get first class permission.

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4. Go up and talk to Captain

5. Speak to Blissey in left side of the ballroom because that potion.

6. Earlier to Captain to acquire HM01 Cut


Below is the HM01 reduced demonstration video:




Before you gain Surf, make sure you acquired 4 gym badges (defeat 4 gym)

and right here is the steps:


1. Talk to Safari guard
course 19

3. Ago to Safari guard and pay 5k to gain in

4. Walk Safari Area 3 to take it HM03-Surf


Below is the HM03 Surf show video:





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Posted December 1, 2015

wow thank ! :Cool:


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..... END

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Posted January 21, 2018

+ if girlfriend beat Victor at course 19 (beach), and also you additionally have a Pikachu, he will sell you to teach Surf her Pika, for 8000$

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Get HM01 reduced & HM03 Surf Demonstration

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