I just started playing CoM, and also I obtained a couple of questions, give thanks to you for answering them. ;D

If you usage a magic map in battle, after ~ you carry out the refresh thing, does it no come back? just after the battle?

Last question, what is a premium card and what is the point that spins to pick a premium card?

Thank you! ;D


It's just a plot room - you need the plot card, add to something 3 or higher.

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oh jesus i have no idea. Ns think that SHOULD, uneven it to be the first card in a sleight?

Premium cards have actually lower CP, but won't reload.

CP is her Card points - basically a price mechanic for your deck. Every card has a different value (increasing based on card form and number). The higher it is, the an ext cards you deserve to have, basically.

The room you're in is a Premium Room. This way that after most battles, girlfriend will obtain a "Premium Bonus," which permits you to turn a card into a premium card. Premium Cards expense less CP to put into your deck, but will not normally come earlier when girlfriend Reload.

The heart symbol you watch is a key. Most worlds have three "key rooms" the you have to visit to complete the world. The third and sometimes second rooms usually have boss fights. Friend are offered the appropriate an essential card when it's time for you to walk there. Till then friend can't accessibility those rooms.

Magic cards perform come back, however item cards and premium cards do not! friend either supplied a Potion, which isn't a magic card, or her magic map is Premium, which way it won't reload normally.

Alternately, friend may have actually used it in a share - as soon as you share cards and use them in its entirety or in a sleight, the first one you decided becomes unreloadable for the term of the fight.

Bear in mental that specific item cards choose Hi-Potions/Ethers and above can reload cards that wouldn't typically be reloadable, really useful for decks complete of sleights that will certainly empty quickly.

And I described premium above, for this reason there's that!

CP is basically just how much room your deck has. Every card prices some lot of CP, and you have the right to only use as countless cards as you have the CP to organize in her deck. You can increase exactly how much CP Sora has actually by leveling up.

My advice, don't usage premium cards until late in the game when girlfriend can acquire lots of Hi-Potions. If friend ask me, having cards be unusable after using them is not worth the contempt lower cost of the card.

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That said, if girlfriend DO have actually a premium card in your deck, shot to use it together the very first card in a share of 3 (Triangle button). The an initial card in a stock/sleight never ever comes earlier anyway, so utilizing your premium card that method is no better loss 보다 it would have been otherwise and you acquire the services of a stock combo or sleight (harder to break, an ext attacks in a row, etc).