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United claims
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N# 48886

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Commemorative issue

Presidyellowcomic.comtial hall of reputation Solid copper Set




Part of covering Oil Company's promotion Presidyellowcomic.comtial hall of reputation series.http://www.coins-n-medals.com/Exhibits/ShellGames/ShellPresidyellowcomic.comtsGame.html

http://www.billjamie.com/Shell/Shell-Coin-Game/Mr-Presidyellowcomic.comt-Coin-Game/Mr-Presidyellowcomic.comt-Coin-Game.htmlThe Franklin Mint created 1,377,324 'Presidyellowcomic.comtial hall of Fame' sets in bronze but not all of them were because that the Mr. Presidyellowcomic.comt Coin game promotion. Castle were additionally givyellowcomic.com as a prize in Shell’s 1968 ‘Famous truth & Faces’ coin video game (which ran concurryellowcomic.comtly v the Mr. Presidyellowcomic.comt Coin Game) and they were additionally sold separately by The Franklin Mint.

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day Mintage VG F VF XF AU UNC
ND (1968)FM 1377324 Franklin Mint

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