Wealthy Brits that the 17th and also 18th centuries were fond of attract woollen wigs. To punish those engaging in this sissy practice, brigands would tug their victims' hairpieces under over their faces, the more easily to relieve them of your pounds and also pence. The practice of put on wigs continued into the 19th century at every Britain's swarms (including America and also Australia) and also came come be linked with someone who could be conveniently deceived once their wig was pulled over their eyes.

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David Buley, Seaforth

Medieval fairs were locations of wonder and dastardly deeds where robbers were constantly on the lookout for victims. Their favourite method was to traction the victim's hood end his eyes while cutting his purse-strings. For this reason the expressions to hoodwink and to pull the wool over one's eyes.

David Paterson, Asquith

Where perform the tiny fruit paris yellowcomic.come from as quickly as you put a item of fruit out; what do they do and also where carry out they go?

Fruit flies space attracted from outside the house or hiding places inside to the yeast ~ above riper pickings in her kitchen, wherein they slurp the alcohol. Once the food has actually gone, they thrive all over damp, such as a pour out under the fridge. Their life bicycle is eight days but they breed impressively. Some calculating heart reckoned a pair's progeny, in one year, can produce a ball that would certainly fill the void in between the Earth and the sun. Fortunately, consumption of fruit and vegetables helps to prevent fruit fly doomsday.

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Paul Roberts, Lake Cathie

Has everyone escaped penalty for leading to a auto accident by explain he/she to be sneezing in ~ the time?

The just Australian case of the "sneezing defence" (automatism) to with an appellate court shows up to it is in Ahadizad v Emerton (2002), where the "defence" was rejected top top the basis that the sneezing left him through "a modicum that control". Repetitive sneezing, with the opportunity to "apply the brakes", was therefore outside the Hill v Baxter <1958> dicta inquiry an intrusion such as a swarm the bees to do the collision involuntary.

Bill Kennedy, Bondi Junction

Why perform advertisements for watches invariably show the time to be nine or 10 minutes past 10?

For three main reasons. 1. To do a smiley face and show a "V" for victory definition success. 2. To clearly show the watch maker's logo and model, which are usually in the middle of the face. 3. To plainly show the date role at the 3 o'clock mark.

Ash Meredith, Birchgrove

-What is the origin of the phrase "Indian giver"?

-Do pets yellowcomic.commit suicide?

-Who was Larry, and why to be he therefore happy?

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