Shoe is ~ above the various other Foot Meaning

Definition: The instance has reversed; you and I have traded places.

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Origin the Shoe is on the various other Foot

This idiom originated in the 1800s. Initially, the precise wording was a tiny different: the boots is on the other leg. The idea behind this was regarded the emotion of uncomfortable you would have if you placed your left shoes on your right foot, and also vice versa.

Winston Churchill provided this initial phrasing in 1908 in My afri Journal:

Here…the boots is top top the various other leg, and also Civilization is ashamed of she arrangements in the existence of a savage.

This idiom shows that an altering positions deserve to be uncomfortable, both v shoes and other situations. Because that example, imagine the you had a an effective position and also refused to help someone in a less powerful position. A year later, that person has a more powerful place than you, and also you need that person’s help. You would most likely feel uncomfortable questioning for assistance.

Examples that Shoe is top top the various other Foot

This instance shows two college students who are stating a complicated assignment that one of them is struggling with.

Frank: I have no idea just how to fix this calculus problem. Can you help me?

Karl: i asked you for aid with mine Chinese homework just yesterday, and you told me you were as well busy.

Frank: i’m sorry about that, yet I yes, really was too busy. I’ll help you next time. I promise. Please aid me with math.

Karl: currently the shoe is ~ above the various other foot. If friend wanted aid from me, friend should have actually helped me when I required it.

In this example, 2 friends are pointing out the advice that one of them should give her mother.

Lily: My mommy is having actually trouble handling a girlfriend of hers who is kind of a bully.

Grace: it’s strange to give advice come our parents, isn’t it? They provided us advice for so numerous years. I feel weird now that the shoe is top top the various other foot.

Lily: Yeah, i agree. I’m not certain what to tell her.

More Examples

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The phrase the shoe is top top the various other foot is another means to to speak the functions have readjusted so ns am in the place you once were, and also vice versa.