So I desire to bleach the title onto a t shirt, because I love the meaning, it's funny (Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur. - every little thing is said in Latin sound profound.), yet I just uncovered it somewhere on the internet and also am not quite sure if the is correct. Therefore that's why I want to check that here before bleaching it onto a shirt :p

I'm particularly unsure around the 'altum' because that 'profound' and the 'sonatur' for a an ext metaphorical 'sounding'. I looked it increase in my dictionary and also don't discover those definitions specifically. Mine Dutch-Latin dictionary suggests 'subtilis' because that 'profound' (diepzinning in Dutch), but I've never ever heard of the word. Any kind of tips and suggestions space welcome!

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The original phrase, as far as ns gather, is "Quicquid latīnē dictum sit, altum vidētur", and also it does typical "Whatever is said in Latin seems/sounds lofty/profound". I'm not certain if it's possible to distinguish between the "lofty/noble/grand" and "deep/profound" meanings here, however the former one usually seems much an ext common. If you want to use the verb sonāre (which is ambiguous as possibly meaning "creates a high sound"), it must be sonat "sounds", no sonātur "is sounded" - ns actually uncover it quite astonishing exactly how widespread this corrupted variation is on the internet. Reconditus is totally unsuitable right here as meaning "abstruse".mentioning u/augustuscaesars

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i claimed that it translates to the german tiefsinning, i m sorry is, as much as i'm aware, the direct equivalent of the dutch diepzinnig, which op us is search an indistinguishable for. Edit: the translation of reconditus as abstruse was accomplished both from school resources and also an etymological attach with recondite.

subtilis is an ext of a fine, an accurate or keen. Ns would suggest reconditus, despite that’s more profound in the feeling of abstruse, or difficult to comprehend/understood by few (though that does correspond with the german tiefsinnig, which i think is the tantamount of your dutch ‘diepzinnig’). Together for sonatur, ns think that’s strictly for making a sound, for this reason you can want to go for videri (to seem).

edit: i would certainly probably analyze your sentence together quicquid latine dicitur, reconditum videtur.