e being asked to location the following from biggest to smallest atomic radius: Ge, Si, C

Atomic radiusrepresents the distance from the nucleus to the outer shell of an element.

Trendof atom radius in the periodic table:

decreasesgoing fromleft to rightof a period

increasesgoingdowna group

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Q. In relocating from optimal to bottom in the same shaft on the periodic table, what tendency is expected for atomic size?a) Increase due to the fact that the cell nucleus is...
Q. If the amount of the atom radii that diatomic hydrogen is 74 pm and also of diatomic chlorine is 198 pm, what is the amount of the atom radii in between a...
Q. species the complying with atoms in stimulate of decreasing atom radius: Sr, Se, Ne, Zna) Sr > Zn > Se > Neb) Zn > Sr > Se > Nec) Ne >...
Q. place the following elements in order of decreasing atomic radius: chlorine (Cl), command (Pb), aluminum (Al), and also fluorine (F).Rank the atom radius...
Q. species the following elements in stimulate of increasing atomic size:F, K, Cl, CsA. Cs, Cl, K, FB. F, Cl, K, CsC. Cl, K, F, CsD. Cs, F, K, ClE. K, F,...

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