Before ns start. If you have actually not watched this Ranma 1/2 OVA or check out the manga then you re welcome watch it here: linkOk lets obtain started..First turn off let me to speak that ns think Rumiko Takahashi is amazing! She has made some of the best Animes and also mangas come me. I have actually been presented to Ranma 1/2 by one of my friends, Lolly4me2. I have fell in love with this anime and its characters due to the fact that the an initial episode. I observed Ranma 1/2 OVA illustration 13 last night on YouTube and let me say the its more than likely on of the finest episodes. The brand-new animation because that it was amazing. In this OVA personalities from Rumiko"s other animes space snuck in. At the sorta begining as soon as Akane to be inhalded the Shun Min Ko ,which provides anyone autumn asleep because that the entirety spring, and falls asleep, she desires that she is Ranma,Shampoo,and Ukyo"s slave. In the begining of this dream you see Lum paris passed. I had noticed that Lum looks like Shampoo, they have actually hair that is alike. Next Akane has actually a Indiana Jones kind dream in i m sorry Hinako has killed the InuYasha gang. I check out InuYasha top top the ground v his knife in his back. Come the left that Akane I observed Kagome lied dead on the ground together well. Top top in the top left corner I experienced Miroku dead. Shampoo and Ukyo then take Akane to Kodachi. Kodachi climate plans to drown Akane. Ranma yells to Akane in her sleep. Akane think he has involved rescue her and flies right into Ranma"s arms, holding him tight. Genma and also Soun then tell him come play along, i m sorry I assumed was therefore kawaii! climate Cologne whips up some incense come cure the Shun Min Ko. Happosai inhales some of it and also so does P-Chan,Hikaru and also Kuno. However they had it in your mouths for also long and it makes them get an ext forceful about kissing Akane. Mousse then offers Ranma the incense that provides them think the they"ll obtain what lock want. Therefore Ranma renders them be breathing it. They climate think each other are Akane and start do out through each other. I laughed so hard at Ukyo and also Shampoo"s expressions. Climate Soun stuck the incense right into Ranma"s mouth and also handed Akane come him. Akane then started having actually a various dream. Ranma was a prince and also said the he can not hold earlier any longer. Akane then claimed "Oh, us cannot Ran-Chan" climate Ranma assaulted her yelling "Princes!!" and also Akane yelled "Darling!?!" i laughed there too! Soun told Ranma to hurry up yet Ranma was way nervous. He was so nervous that he gulped down the critical of the incense. Soun and also Genma freaked. Climate Kasumi showed up and also in Akane"s dream told her to wake up up. Aken climate woke up.

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I assumed that was funny! xDPersonaliy I offer this OVA a 10/10. Ns really appreciated it and also I hope the there will certainly be much more Ranma 1/2 come come! however for now I will certainly be crying on my pillow..x3~~DS.P.S For human being who have seen/read Urusei Yatsura, Is it any kind of good?