Many civilization will recognize Rhonda McCullough as the widow of Bernie Mac. She is a producer and philanthropist through profession and has a net worth the about $8 million.

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Quick Wiki
Full NameRhonda McCullough
Date the BirthN/A
Birth PlaceUSA
MotherMary Simmons
ProfessionProducer, Philanthropist
SpouseHorace Gilmore(2011 - present)Bernie Mac(September 17, 1977 - respectable 9, 2008)
EthnicityAfrican American
Body MeasurementN/A
Net Worth$8 million


Mary Simmons was Rhonda McCullough’s Mother. However, info like her birthdate, she father’s, and also other personal details have not been revealed come the public. 

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Rhonda McCullough to visit Chicago Vocational High School. Unfortunately, no more updates to be available about her education.

How walk Rhonda begin her Career?

Rhonda McCullough is a producer recognized for I Ain’t scared of You: A Tribute come Bernie Mac (2011), Unsung Hollywood (2014), and also Biography (1987). 

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McCullough quiet devotes a far-ranging amount that time to the Bernie Mac Foundation, making the logical provided that she is its CEO and also president. Sarcoidosis is a problem that causes organ inflammation and also is more common in African-American women and also those that Scandinavian origin.

The bulk of sarcoidosis patient will enter remission on your own. Still, some issues come to be recurring, i beg your pardon is a severe problem due to the fact that the condition causes the inflammation of guts that deserve to lead to far-reaching scarring.

Who was McCullough Married to?

Bernie and also Rhonda McCullough have been together due to the fact that high school and have been through a lot together. On September 17, 1977, Mac married his high college girlfriend, Rhonda Gore. Je’niece Childress, her daughter, to be born in 1978, and she has a granddaughter born in 2007.

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When she husband was sick through pneumonia, Rhonda McCullough was at his side. She was grieved when he died from the sickness, together was the rest of the family.

 She remarried 3 years after ~ his death, deciding the it to be time to move on. She married again three years after he died.

In 2011, Rhonda McCullough married Horace Gilmore, whom she met with her younger sister. They formed an immediate connection, i m sorry McCullough thinks was “God-sent.” that is now her companion if she continues to live she life and values their friendship.

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Detail that Bernie Mac 

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough is much better known by his phase name Bernie Mac. He to be an American comedian, actor, and also voice actor that lived indigenous October 5, 1957, through August 9, 2008. Mac, born and also reared ~ above Chicago’s southern Side, increased to prestige as a stand-up comedian.

In The Original majesties of Comedy, he was joined by other comedians Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and D. L. Hughley. Following a quick time as the host of HBO’s Midnight Mac, Mac go on to play minor roles in numerous films. He played Frank Catton in the 2001 version of Ocean’s Eleven and also the lead character in Mr. 3000.

From 2001 until 2006, he was the star the his own show. He to be nominated for two Emmys for impressive Lead gibbs in a Comedy Series. Mo Money, loot Call, Friday, B*A*P*S, Life, The players Club, Head of State, Charlie’s Angels: complete Throttle, Bad Santa alongside Lauren Graham, assumption: v Who, Pride, Soul Men, Transformers, Old Dogs, and also Madagascar: to escape 2 Africa were amongst Mac’s other features.

Bernie Mac is well-known for his HBO series “Def camer Comedy” and also has been in several blockbuster shows prefer “Moesha,” “The Player’s Club,” and also “Ocean’s Eleven.” that was dubbed one of the “Original monarchs of Comedy” and was named one the the “Original kings of Comedy.” He at some point had his very own semi-autobiographical sitcom, “The Bernie Mac Show,” which the starred in.

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How is Rhonda’s relationship with her daughter?

Je’Neice McCullough, the daughter of so late stand-up comedian Bernie Mac, has actually raised Jasmine Childress through her husband, Theartris athletic III. She obtained her BA in Psychology and her MA in Mental wellness Counseling indigenous Xavier college in Los Angeles. She and also her mom have fantastic relationship.

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Net worth

Rhonda McCullough has actually a network worth that about $8 million. She ex-husband Bernie Mac had actually a net worth of 15 million dollars as soon as he died in 2008.

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