This legend band indigenous Liverpool, England recorded the heart of numerous with their mop-top hair and lovely songs during the 60s. From their first single, Love Me carry out to your last album Let that Be, The Beatles were just a course of their own. Plenty of of their songs have actually landed number 1 in the music chart. Young and adults need to queue in line simply to gain tickets for your concerts. Lock were regarded by music lovers as one if no the best band the stamped their class in music industry. The Beatles is created of man Lennon (vocals, rhythm guitar), Paul McCartney (vocals, bass guitar), George Harrison (vocals, and also lead guitar) and Ringo Starr (drums, vocals).

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Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) was not the initial drummer because that the Beatles. Pete best was the an initial drummer, but continually didn’t display up as result of illness. Ringo Starr, a famed drummer for another band, Rory and also The Hurricanes in Liverpool, would certainly sit in v the Beatles on many occasions after at first meeting the Beatles in 1959.

On respectable 18, 1962, Ringo Starr officially join the Beatles together their drummer, playing in the an initial gig in Hulme room in Birkenhead, England. The producer of the Beatles, George young name decided right now to replace Pete finest with Ringo Starr.

Throughout their career, The Beatles have actually made numerous albums, among them: Abbey Road, A difficult Day’s Night, Beatles for Sale, Help!, Please, you re welcome Me, through the Beatles, , Help!, Let it Be, Revolver, Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts society Band, The Beatles (White Album), and Yellow Submarine. Few of their compositions where McCartney/Lennon collaboration (48 songs), though every member have actually their fair share of initial songs. John Lennon has actually 72 songs to his credit, Paul McCartney had composed 69 songs, George Harrison had added 22 songs, and also even Ringo Starr, Richard Starkey in actual life composed 2 songs, Don’t pass Me By and also Octopus Garden.

To credit, john Lennon and Paul McCartney were the lead vocalists and George do the backup vocals. However did you know that Ringo, as well as contributing 2 songs and also did the command vocal ~ above 11 songs!

For Beatles fans that may not have actually known this fact and also to those who simply wanted to reminiscence the old standards Beatles songs, right here are the songs because that you to enjoy.



11 songs whereby Ringo Starr did the lead vocals:

1. Boys –the track was created by Dixon/Ferrell and was had in the album Please, please Me (1963)


2. I Wanna Be her Man – composed by man Lennon native the album with The Beatles (1963)


3. Matchbox – a great pick up song composed by Carl Perkins that was added in the album long Tall Sally (1964)



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Honey Don’t – an additional Carl Perkin ingredient from the album Beatles because that Sale (1964)


5. Act Naturally – a Morrison/Russel collaboration consisted of in the album Help! (1964)


6. What walk On – Lennon/McCartney track from the album Rubber spirit (1965)


7. Yellow Submarine – a Paul McCartney original featured in 2 albums; Revolver (1966) and also Yellow Submarine (1969)


8. V a small Help From mine Friends – an additional Paul McCartney standard composition contained in the album Sgt. Pepper’ Lonely hearts Club tape (1967)

With a little Help From mine Friends / YouTube

9. Don’t pass Me by – Ringo Starr original song indigenous the album The Beatles (1968)

Don"t pass Me By

10. Good Night – A man Lennon initial from the album The Beatles (1968)

11. Octopus Garden – Ringo Starr other initial composition native the album Abbey roadway (1969)

Octopus Garden

Ringo Starr continues today to it is in a real star in the music industry. He has just relax as brand-new album in 2017. In the 1980s, that played numerous times with the travel Wilburys, which at time featured numerous musicians favor Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, and also Roy Orbison.