A road pilgrimage is a trip taken by a group or individual in an automobile. Roadtrip is a misspelling of roadway trip. Road trip is an open up compound noun, an interpretation it is two words that have actually a unique definition when supplied together.

A road pilgrimage is a common form of summer holidays for households in the unified States. 

Road trips deserve to cover many days and also include multiple stop in several states or a roadway trip deserve to be simply a short overnight trip. 

The most vital characteristic that a road expedition is the it requires driving to your destination. 

A expedition that is tackled a train, airplane or watercraft is never taken into consideration a roadway trip. 


Using Road pilgrimage In a Sentence

Here space some instances of sentences using road trip:

This summer we will certainly take a road expedition to the beach.We just got home indigenous a lengthy road trip. I believed we can visit a couple of national parks ~ above our roadway trip. 

Sometimes world use ‘road trip’ together a verb. This is not standard usage. 

For example:

We will certainly road expedition to view the Statue that Liberty.I can not afford to fly so I decided to roadway trip. 

These sentence can likewise be written:

We will go ~ above a road trip to see the Statue the Liberty

I couldn’t afford to fly so I chose to take a roadway trip. 

Is road pilgrimage a link noun?

Road expedition is a singular, open, compound noun. It is two words that have actually been join to produce their own meaning. A road expedition is a vacation whereby the team or individual journey a vehicle or van to their destination. 

Can road pilgrimage be a verb?

Road trip is a noun, yet can be offered as a verb in non typical or an extremely informal English. Human being who gain traveling by vehicle can additionally be referred to as road trippers. 

Some examples:

We chose to road expedition to the concert. 

My family always road tripped, we never flew. 

I love to road pilgrimage in the summer.

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In the an initial minute the this video the native Road pilgrimage is offered as a verb and also a noun!

Is road pilgrimage one indigenous or two?

Road pilgrimage is 2 words, that is an open compound noun. The two words, provided together have actually a unique meaning; a journey by car, van or various other vehicle. Roadtrip is a misspelling of roadway trip. 

Compound noun consist of 2 words with each other that have a distinctive definition. 

Road means the actual street top top which dare drive. 

Trip method a journey, or to fall, or to cause someone to fall. 

It is only once the native are used together the the meaning becomes a trip taken by automobile or other vehicle. 

Other examples of open compound noun are:

Hot Dog

Voice Mail

High School

Cell Phone

Trash Can

Open compound nouns are compound nouns that space not associated with a hyphen and are be separated by a space. 

What is another word for roadway trip?

If you are planning a road trip, friend could also call that a:




Long Drive



Long Haul


Car Trip 


This is a perform of native I use in place of roadway trip. Ns looked in ~ a couple of lists online, but felt numerous missed the point. These space the ones that made feeling to me.

These indigenous are often related come road pilgrimage journeys:



Cross Country

Car Camping 

RV ing 

See the Country

National Parks

What is the difference in between a trip and also a roadway trip?

A road pilgrimage is a journey taken in a car or van, a trip can be any journey. A trip, once referring come a vacation, have the right to be taken on a plane, train, boat or ~ above foot. Expedition can additionally mean to fall down or to cause someone else to fall down. 

I talked to a bunch of regular road trippers and also the offered me a most ideas around when they take into consideration a trip to it is in a roadway trip. You can see the definitions they offered me here.

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Roadtrip is the name of a song by Dream. 

I had actually never heard the tune Roadtrip, however you should check it out, it was pretty good. 

How can I setup to take a road trip?

If you space interested in acquisition a roadway trip, the is very straightforward to plan!

First, select a destination. 

It is recommended the you carry out not drive an ext than 400 mile a day. So think about using withinhours.com to find in the radius. 

Once you have your destination, make a timeline. 

Decide as soon as you expect to arrive and also how lengthy you expect to stay. 

When you have that, book hotel rooms or do plans for other overnight lodging. 

You can read right here to identify if camping could be a an excellent choice for her trip. 

Plan at least a month in advance, this is proven come make your trip much less stressful. 


If planning ahead is not your style, check out mine tips because that a spontaneous roadway trip. 

Want to take it a lengthy road trip? ns surveyed a bunch of roadway trippers and here room some number to help you budget for a month lengthy road trip. 

Enjoy your trip!



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