Who is Briana Evigan?

Briana Barbara-Jane Evigan was born in Los Angeles, California USA, top top 23 October 1986 – her zodiac authorize is Scorpio and she hold American nationality. She’s an actress, singer-songwriter, dancer and also a choreographer, who’s probably still known best for her portrayal of one of the command characters, Andie in the 2008 romantic musical drama movie “Step increase 2: The Streets” composed by three people, directed by Jon M. Chu and which additionally starred Robert Hoffman and also Cassie Ventura. It’s a love story of 2 dance student attending the Maryland college of the Arts, and the movie won two of the five awards because that which it to be nominated.

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Briana reprised her role in the 2014 sequel “Step Up all In”.

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Early life, parents and also education

Briana was increased in Los Angeles alongside she older sister Vanessa and older brothers Jason, by your father Greg Evigan who’s a renowned American actor, and their mother Pamela C. Serpe who an actress.

Briana flourished up gift interested in dancing, and was ripe years old as soon as she started taking lessons. At approximately the exact same time, she became interested in acting, and started showing up in theatre performed at she elementary school. In 1996, she made she debut film appearance with her portrayal of Aubrey south in the action horror thriller “House the the Damned”, i m sorry received mixed reviews.

She to be urged by her parents to emphasis on she education, and also thus didn’t appear in any kind of movies or TV collection until she matriculated indigenous Campbell hall in 2003, when she was actors to beat The Girl in the quick music video clip “Linkin Park: Numb”.

In 2004, Briana enrolled in ~ Los Angeles valley College, and during her four years there appeared in the 2004 short music video clip “Something Sweet”, the 2006 romantic comedy movie “Bottoms Up”, and the 2008 short music video “Enrique Iglesias Feat. Lil Wayne: Push”.

Briana derived her Bachelor of Arts level in speech and also communication in 2008, and also then chose to emphasis on her exhilaration career.

Roles in TV series

Briana has appeared in only three TV series. In 2008, she was cast to beat Helen in the episode “New year Day” the the horror “Fear Itself”, produced by Mick Garris and which starred Margherita Donato, Valerie White and Clifton Collins Jr. Each episode is a 60-minute long horror movie.

Three of Briana’s many recent movie duties have been in the thriller “My Husband’s mystery Wife”, the action thriller drama “River operation Red” both in 2018, and the 2019 short romantic drama “Love in the Rain”. She’s right now shooting for 3 upcoming movies: the drama “Love and Communication”, one more drama “Just listed below Sunset”, and also the brief comedy “Four Hour Layover in Juarez”.

Other credits

Briana has been attributed with writing the tune “Night & Day” because that the 2009 an enig science fiction movie “S. Darko”, and the song “I’m Free” because that the 2010 fear thriller movie “Burning Bright”. She sang the tune “Beautiful Stranger” in the 2012 fear musical film “The Devil’s Carnival”, and also the tune “Shovel and Bone” in the 2016 sequel “Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival”.

She got special many thanks for the 2014 brief documentary film “Puncture Wounds: Behind the Scenes”.

Briana has actually been featured in various short documentary videos, consisting of the 2009 “The making of ‘S. Darko’”, and the 2012 “Stash House: Behind the Scenes”.

She has actually made a guest figure in numerous talk-shows, such together “Made in Hollywood”, “Noches con Platanito” and “Home & Family”.

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Awards and nominations

Briana has actually been nominated for seven awards winning 5 – she won a 2008 MTV Movie award for finest Kiss because that “Step increase 2: The Streets” (shared v Robert Hoffman), a 2009 ShoWest Convention Award because that Female Star that Tomorrow, and also a 2016 FilmOut san Diego Audience award for best Actress for her power in the romantic movie “ToY”.

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