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Well, your uncle obtained it in ~ the best price. The Rohm (RG) 66 was an cheap German-made revolver from the 1960"s. Have actually a gunsmith check it out prior to shooting, but assuming it is in an excellent shape it should be safe to shoot.Value is minimal.
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I"ve seen some Rohm centerfire revolvers that were poorly made, however the SA Rohm .22s I"ve encountered were normally safe to shoot. +1 to having actually yours checked out.On numerous older .22 SA revolvers the middle cock is to relax the cylinder and allow it come turn freely for loading.
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The very first click you hear is thought about a security position. The holds the the hammer just off the firing pen or the firing pin just off the cartridge underneath. The 2nd click is considered the half-cock position and frees the cylinder because that loading. The last click is thought about full cock and also is positiond to discharge the cartridge under the shoot pin when the cause is pulled.
Those space actually pretty kind guns. I"ve had actually several that them over the years. Inexpensive however fun plinkers.

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My uncle was provided the revolver in the location line and pictured below. Walk anyone have any kind of information on this specific revolver? I have actually heard that part ROHM handguns are unsafe to shoot and also if that"s the case with this specific ROHM, I will certainly tell him it"s not safe come shoot.The revolver is single action and there room three stops as soon as cocking the hammer. I am acquainted with half-cock and full-cock but not with a revolver having actually three level of cocking. Any kind of input top top that feature will also be appreciated.
I understand I am most likely going to get a many "flack" back on this post, yet here goes. You probably discovered out the Rohm mdl66 was for sure to shoot! the end of every Rohm had actually the mdl 66 was among their better products. The more heavier caliber Rohms are the key culprits. They will loss to pieces after a couple of rounds,and the frames will disinegrate. My question is, do you have actually a manual/schematic/disassembly,assembly instruction? I have spare parts! Thanks
That safety notch (the very first hammer position) to be intended as a way to carry the pistol safely v a round under the hammer. DON"T carry out IT! If the total is dropped, and also lands ~ above the hammer, the trigger will break/bend or the hammer notch will an episode and the gun will certainly FIRE. So always carry a solitary action the that kind with an north chamber under the hammer; don"t ever before depend top top the "safety" notch.Jim