It’s been less than a week since I to buy the mp3. Ns take treatment of it, it’s to be fine, never ever been to reduce or touch by water. However earlier today once I’m charging it ( ns was charging it with an AC adapter, I understand it’s okay to charge my mp3 through it because the manual said so) , that suddenly quit charging and also wen’t fully off. As soon as I shot to turn it on it won’t rotate on, climate I affix it come the usb charger which linked to the computer it tho won’t turn on nor it has the tiny “connected” icon, the display was a finish blank. Nothing happen. So what must I perform to acquire it to occupational again?

Generally, the very first thing to shot in instances like this is come reset the player. Push and hold the power button for 20-30 seconds, then relax it. Then press it again momentarily, and also hopefully the will work as the should.

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Oh my gosh, you simply made my night! It works now. Give thanks to you so much



I am suffering the precise same problem yet I have actually tried come reset the player multiple times and still over there is no response. Does anyone know what else should be done? thank you therefore much! This is my first time owning a Sansa.

Just a thought, but: are you hold the on switch down long enough, come reset? It have the right to take 20-30 seconds, or more. Also, friend can try forcing a link to her computer and see if that helps: through your Clip off and your hold the player’s center switch down, affix the USB cable in between your player and also computer. Finally, world have reported the leaving your Clip plugged right into the AC power supply (via a USB AC adapter) or your computer system (if a laptop, shot one of the back USB ports, which have the right to be much more powerful than the front) because that a couple of days (not just hours) have the right to trickle-charge the Clip’s circuitry so the you deserve to start it. An excellent luck!

If the reset is not working for you nor the player transforms on or gained recognized by the computer. Then the player could be much longer working properly. Call the for a possilbe instead of if its tho under warranty…

Each time a description of the change, over there is constantly plenty come talk about around the world. They are not exempt. A statement typically is: "i have actually to adjust almost immediately versions, so do not intend me come date continue to strike …

I just had actually to it is registered to thank you guys. Mine simply turned off mid playing yet wouldn’t power ago on and also my pc wouldn’t recognize it. Ns was freaking out cause I love my clip for this reason much. Reset worked and enabled it come be well-known by my laptop. I can not use tested playing it yet. Kinda nervous, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

keep her fingers confident back. Just change your allude if that is in quiet under guarantee .go for the new one by replacing her defective disk. And they would like to know your place to let you know thier outlets. Basic is that.

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OMG!Got another answer.Thanks.


Thank you all for “Resetting” ! but I think the main trouble here is why is that happening? like some others said, there was no physical damage to the player. It’s just been 1 week since I got my player and this is annoying. 

I reset my player for this time. What about the frequency? How many times must I ve to reset this player in a week?

There have to be an explanation because that this problem and also I’m obsessed with finding it.

I’m going come share the problem. Be ago Soon


celik78 wrote:

Thank you all for “Resetting” ! yet I think the main difficulty here is why is the happening? like some rather said, there to be no physical damages to the player. It’s simply been 1 week since I obtained my player and this is annoying. 

I reset mine player because that this time. What about the frequency? How plenty of times have to I ve come reset this player in a week?

There must be an explanation because that this problem and I’m obsessed through finding it.

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I’m going come share the problem. Be back Soon



It have the right to be corrupted and/or poor files. Periodically a file becomes corrupted once it’s transfered come the player. Or the player is simply acting up for no obvious reason.