Why Is the Sugar key So vital to A series of regrettably Events? If the hunt because that the Baudelaire and Quagmire orphans weren"t enough, A collection of Unfortunate events Season 2 introduces the find for a street bowl.

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A series of Unfortunate occasions Season 2
WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the 2nd season the A collection of unfortunate Events, streaming now on Netflix.

Eagle-eyed viewers will no doubt spy an enhancement to the opening titles that A collection of unfortunately Events: a sugar bowl, which, at first glance might seem no more noteworthy than the typewriter or the acquainted photos ~ above Lemony Snicket"s bulletin board linked by strings of yarn. However as the 2nd season that the Netflix comedy-drama unfolds, the pretty piece of ceramic becomes part of the plot, together a curious thing of intense desire. But why?

The question has actually plagued readers of the children"s novels by Daniel Handler -- pardon us, Lemony Snicket -- since 2001"s The enemy Hospital, generating numerous theories. There are clues in the initial books, and in Lemony Snicket: The unauthorized Biography, however we can additionally find some hints scattered throughout the latter half of Season 2.

A collection of Unfortunate events Season 2 The sugar bowl
Esme Squalor (Lucy Punch), the status-conscious love interest and ally of counting Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris), angrily insists the Beatrice Baudelaire stole that from her, which might suggest a motive for the fatal fire that left Violet, Klaus and Sunny as orphans. (Indeed, the Baudelaire youngsters discover a network of tunnels the stretches from in ~ Esme"s high-rise come their previous home.) Reclaiming the sugar bowl is so essential that Esme, masquerading together Police Officer Luciana in the town of fowl Devotees, agrees to complimentary V.F.D. Volunteer Jacques Snicket (Nathan Fillion) and also the Librarian (aka Olivia Caliban, play by Sara Rue) from jail in exchange for information about its whereabouts.

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But there"s likewise serious question regarding whether Beatrice in reality stole the street bowl, or, if she did, even if it is she acted alone. The facts, such together they are, conflict.

For instance, narrator Lemony Snicket (Patrick Warburton) confesses come the audience in episode 7 that he"s still troubled through something the did many years earlier. "It was a vital thing yet it was no a quite thing," the says. "Even currently I get a pang the guilt as soon as I think about it. Also now ns ask myself, was it necessary, to be it yes, really necessary? was it absolutely important to steal that sugar key from Esme Squalor?"

A collection of Unfortunate events Seaons 2 Patrick Warburton together Lemony Snicket
That would seem nice cut and also dried, other than that Lemony is not always a dependable narrator. "A crystal round cannot predict how a dragonfly might set off one avalanche through flapping the wings," he later laments, "or the woman dressed in a dragonfly costume will collection off a series of unfortunate occasions by steal a sugar bowl."

We recognize from a recall in Season 2"s penultimate illustration that the mrs dressed in a dragonfly costume is Beatrice.

Lest us think this is just a petty squabble around stolen porcelain, Olivia argues that "a certain sugar bowl" play a role in the schism that split the V.F.D. Right into those who collection fires and also those that extinguish them. Its larger importance to the mystery society is underscored by the decision by the previous mam Lulu -- a fortune-teller identification that rotates amongst V.F.D. Members -- to relocate the sugar key from that is hiding place in Heimlich Hospital before Esme can discover it.

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The books have shown the sugar bowl may hold anything from evidence that could prove Lemony Snicket"s innocence come horseradish, the only cure because that the deadly mushroom Medusoid Mycelium. Ultimately, though, it"s a MacGuffin, like the Maltese Falcon, or the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. It more than likely doesn"t matter what"s inside the sugar bowl, just that characters want it; therefore, that propels the story forward.

That said, there supposedly is solution to what the object includes (or contained). "The secret of the Sugar bowl is clear sufficient that one that around reader a year write me and has figured that out, and also that filling me with pleasure," Handler revealed last year. "That makes me think the not as well obscure. If no one ever wrote me around it I would certainly think, "Oh, i didn’t carry out it enough." But because one human a year who will write me and say, "I figured the out." The entirety answer of the Sugar bowl is solvable."

However, even if it is Netflix"s A collection of unfortunately Events solves that particular secret in its third, and final, season continues to be to be seen.

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Available currently on Netflix, the 2nd season the A collection of Unfortunate occasions stars Neil Patrick Harris, Malina Weissman, louis Hynes, Presley Smith, Patrick Warburton and also K. Todd Freeman, through Lucy Punch, Nathan Fillion, Tony Hale, Sara Rue and also Roger Bart, among others.