Music that Woody Allen movies – a new irregular feature about the musical compositions that have helped to make Allen’s movies sing.

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Woody Allen has loved Paris for a long time, but it took him end 40 films prior to he do a film that was completely set there. The result was Midnight In Paris, together glorious a love letter to Paris together Manhattan was to Allen’s house island. Both movies open v exquisite montages catching the beauty of each city. Manhattan famously obtained Gershwin. Because that Paris, Allen suitable the photos to a track by among his really favourites – Sidney Bechet.

Sidney Bechet to be born in 1897 in brand-new Orleans. That would flourish up and learn the music of that city, and its well-off Jazz. Soon, he to be travelling the human being playing in bands (and met and performed with Louis Armstrong). But his very own personality let him down. He was violent and also mean, and also found himself arrested a couple of times. He finally called it quits indigenous the US, and well into his 50s, he relocated to France. There he discovered a home and recorded many tributes to the city.

Si tu vois ma mère‘ (if you see my mother) is among a variety of French tunes recorded by Bechet in his later on years. It to be his own composition and also was very first released in 1952. He had actually much bigger hits with French title – ‘Petite Fleur‘, ‘Dans les rues d’Antibes‘ and ‘Les Oignons‘. Although the is tied to brand-new Orleans, he definitely fits with a Paris movie – the city whereby he died and also is buried.

Sidney Bechet

It’s a much better fit if the film is by Woody Allen. Allen has said the Bechet is one of his very favourites, if no his actual favourite. Allen theatre clarinet at the very least partly inspired by Bechet. He called one the his daughters Bechet. He has also said the Bechet is the human he would many like to have dinner with.

Most interestingly, Allen has actually been functioning on a biopic of Bechet. Provisionally named ‘American Blues‘, that would feature Bechet and also Armstrong. Due to the fact that the story would have to be shot in multiple countries and Bechet is not necessarily a big draw, Allen has actually never to be able to get it made. However he spoke about stil working on it only two years ago. We were hoping it would certainly be the 2016 Amazon series. This can be Allen’s Napoleon.

Despite that, Allen has rarely used Bechet’s music. Done the end of love, he has explained using Bechet music among dialogue or movie footage together barbaric. Particularly for his big hits. Which might explain the use of ‘Si tu vois ma mère‘, a lovely tune yet hardly a hit. And the sequence has no characters, no dialogue.

But that scene – which opens Midnight In Paris – might be a brief film itself. Allen (and cinematographer Darius Khondji) take united state on a tour of Paris, beginning with the bright morning. Every scene is beautiful – be it the stunning beauty beauty of those human being famous landmarks, to the an easy rustic beauty, beauty of civilization sitting in cafes. It’s not simply a Lonely world reel, there are many deep cuts. And time passes, and also the sunlight sets right into Paris, at night and also the rain.

It leader us into a different story, yet it sets the scene. We are immediately on Gil (Owen Wilson)’s side. Why wouldn’t you be washed increase in this place?

Paris. Allen loves her. Us love her. And also this week, we have all to be thinking around her. Allen’s small cinematic tribute might mean small in the irradiate of big world events. Yet what we find out from Allen, in ‘Manhattan‘, is you have to decide ~ above your own list of things that make you happy and get you with this horrible life.


The net doesn’t need anymore people quoting Woody Allen dialogue and also lines. In three and a half years, we’ve never done it. This is a an initial and just time. This is Gil from ‘Midnight In Paris‘, on the city that lights.

I occasionally think, how is anyone ever gonna come up through a book, or a painting, or a symphony, or a sculpture that can contend with a an excellent city. You can’t. Because you look at around and also every street, every boulevard, is its own special art type and as soon as you think the in the cold, violent, meaningless universe that Paris exists, these lights, I typical come on, there’s nothing happening ~ above Jupiter or Neptune, however from method out in an are you deserve to see this lights, the cafés, world drinking and singing. For all us know, Paris is the hottest point out in the universe.

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We’ll leave you with grainy but exciting clip of Sidney Bechet, rocking out.

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