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Teacher editions and Resource Center!

The Simple options S2TaR center is more than simply the convenience that digital teacher editions. That is the other half of the Simple Solutions approach to assist raise check scores, construct student confidence, and also improve long-term retention while saving valuable class time. Accessibility to the S2TaR Center is provided complimentary of fee to colleges that have purchased Simple Solutions workbooks for the present school year.

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What you will discover in the S2TaR center:

her Editions:
View your Teacher version from residence or school, all titles in one location.Access quizzes and also answer keys.Display lesson answers native a computer directly to smart board.Conveniently print; never lose pages!
Newly updated for the 2017 – 2018 institution year!Common main point Standards have been extensively “unwrapped” and presented in an easy-to-read format.Memory games, native cards, decodable books, printable Phonics pages, etc. Space included.Reading games, Tier II and also III indigenous lists, composing activities, source packets, and also graphic organizers because that English, Science, and also Social researches are accessible to use instantly in the classroom.

Worksheet Generator:

Create customized worksheets for review, practice, and/or assessment.Tailor each 12-item worksheet to fulfill the particular needs of her students (answer key(s) included).Available for typical Core mathematics levels 2 – 8, and also Original math levels 2 – Algebra I.

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Digital Quizzes:
Use because that extra practice, review, or assessment.Receive immediate graded feedback.Get quiz reports on requirements students have mastered or people students need additional practice with.Available for common Core math levels 1 – 8, and also Common main point English level 4 – 8.

You don’t need to be “techie” to usage the S2TaR Center because our user-friendly display screen makes it easy to click your means around. Feel cost-free to email united state at or speak to 877-382-7537 if girlfriend should ever before have any type of questions. We desire you and your college student to get the many out of every the S2TaR facility has to offer!