Georgie Henley is an English actress recognized for her function as Lucy Pevensie in the blockbuster movie sequel The Chronicles of Narnia. ~ an impressive first outing, Georgie was also involved in the sequels of the sequel.

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Since her breakthrough right into the huge league together a kid star, Georgie sometimes lends her voice to the boosting pressure that boy stars are exposed to.

Who Is Georgie Henley?

Georgie was born top top 9 July 1995 together the child of Helen Henley and also Mike Henley in a tiny town in West Yorkshire referred to as Ilkley. Georgie to visit Moorfield School prior to moving to Bradford Grammar School.

As a young college child, Georgie was already a member the a regional theatre group referred to as The Upstagers. Their group performed plays favor Babushka: A Christmas Story, The Pied Piper come a local audience. Georgie definitely acted through passion, however she to be hardly conscious that she to be unconsciously preparing because that an possibility on the large screen.

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He was searching for young youngsters for his brand-new project, Pipa Hall, (Casting Director because that The Chronicles the Narnia: The Lion The Witch and also The Wardrobe) in Georgie Henley’s town, and also once he had seen Georgie, he was certain that she needed to be provided a chance.

Before she got the duty of Lucy, she had actually to go v an 18-month casting process. Georgie Henley fan her duty in “The Chronicles that Narnia” come her acting teacher at Moorfield School, who started mentoring her.

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At some point during the 18-month casting session, she parents came to be skeptical about letting their eight-year-old daughter become an actress, together this could have a corrupting affect on her. Georgie, the last of 3 daughters, recalls the her older sisters (Rachel and Laura) walk their best to convince her parental to let she act.

There is a ancient debate around the superiority of phase actors end film actors. This may be as result of the high level of concentration required to create a stage performance. Be that together it may, Georgie Henley’s outstanding performance in the Chronicles the Narnia seems to it is in a testament to the extravagant phase experience the an actress is given.

Georgie Henley ultimately made her debut in the 2005 film The Chronicles the Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and also the Wardrobe, which continues to be her biggest film of every time. The film brought in end 745 million dollars worldwide.

Georgie’s illustration in The Chronicles the Narnia in 2005 led to her duty being performed again in the upcoming sequels the The Chronicles the Narnia: Prince Caspian in 2008, and likewise in the sequel come The Chronicles the Narnia in 2010: The Dawn Strider’s Journey.

The sequel to The Chronicles that Narnia offered as a platform for her to play various other roles, including in Bradford High School’s production of “We will certainly Rock You”, i m sorry was broadcast from 13-16 march 2013.

Georgie Henley likewise appeared in 2006 in “Jane Eyre”, “Perfect Sisters”, a story based on two sisters who killed their mother; the film was released in 2014. Georgie Henley attend Cambridge University, wherein she showed up in numerous plays, including Anthony Burgess’ The Trojan Woman, Play the Again by Sam Woody, come name but a few.

Henley started her career as a director in 2015 once she began writing and also directing her first short film referred to as TIDE. The actress comes from a deep religious, Christian family.

She won the 2008 Nickelodeon UK Kids selection Awards and also was nominated for ideal Performance in a feature Film – Young Ensemble actors for her power in The Chronicles the Narnia.

What is her relationship with Skandar Keynes?

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For someone who’s been in the spotlight since she was eight years old, girlfriend can’t yes, really begrudge she fans for being an especially interested in her love life, therefore why not? She is beautiful, talented, and over all suitable.

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The identity of her friend has always been a matter of debate. Georgie’s most publicized boyfriend in 2009 was Keanu Pires, but prior to Pires, she date Luke Benward.

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It is believed that her present boyfriend is Skandar Keynes, her co-star ~ above the set of The Chronicles the Narnia. Although this has not been confirmed by one of two people couple, the general public is drawing conclusions native the fact that lock are an extremely close and constantly share intimate moment on social media. The siblings to be spotted sharing a kiss. Back unconfirmed, lock look prefer a wonderful couple.