Any method to get rid of Elder Scrolls?

» Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:57 am

This is do me slightly crazy. I did the Dawnguard side of an initial and was able to market the Blood and Sun scrolls come Dexion. Now that i am doing the Vampire side, he has no choice to market them. You re welcome don"t call me that ns am stuck with 40 weight of scrolls in mine inventory forever? go anyone know exactly how to get rid of them? i am play on the XBox 360.

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» Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:22 am

fine I"m ~ above PS3 so I"m not entirely sure however if that is anything like the Dragon role in the main Quest or various other quest-related items you should be able to put castle in cupboards easily, and if not then finish the quest(s) they space tied to first.
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Well, that sounds choose you do the same mistake i did. I couldn"t remove the Dragon Scroll until I offered it for the key quest. For this reason if you execute Dawnguard before you carry out the MQ, you"ll finish up transporting it roughly for a bit . . . At the very least that"s just how it"s functioning in my video game on the PC.
This is make me contempt crazy. Ns did the Dawnguard side of an initial and to be able to offer the Blood and Sun scrolls come Dexion. Currently that ns am law the Vampire side, he has no alternative to market them. You re welcome don"t phone call me that i am stuck with 40 load of scrolls in mine inventory forever? walk anyone know how to get rid of them? ns am playing on the XBox 360.
You"re stuck with them if you"re play the Vampire side due to a scripting bug (what rather is new with Bugesda?). The plus thing is that in spite of the noted weight, castle actually weigh nothing, since all pursuit items weigh zero. If you don"t think me, discover a chest and store whatever - armor, potions, weapons, and so on into it and also you"ll uncover the scrolls weigh zero. They"re simply there. Annoying to have actually them, yes, however at the very least they don"t weigh you down.
many thanks josh and MaxRat. I have finished the main Quest and also sold one scroll to the Orc in ~ the CoW. I tried save on computer the other 2 scrolls in a cupboard simply now and get "quest items can not be eliminated from your inventory".
Edit: thanks JVR ... I think you ... However they really space annoying.
It would certainly be pretty if we at least had a category called pursuit Items so us don"t need to see lock when in search of other things.
ns reckon they should let you offer it, however is never reset in the merchant"s inventory and also must buy back at a steeply inflated price.

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there is another possibility here and that is that it might not tactically be a an excellent move to get rid of them, there have been several pursuits to acquire them currently and the game is called The Elder Scrolls=might be the they come in advantageous some other time.
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