What is the existing value of smith & wesson mode 28-2 highway patrolman 357 3 customs barrel serial #N14893 make 1970-72 v rubber grips and very good condition. I know this model N serial # N1 to 100000 was produced 1970 to 72. Fairly low number if ns am correct. Thanks for any kind of Help. Mike


Hi Mike!

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3 customs barrel

The Highway Patrolman was never available with a 3" barrel, so I"m walking to assume this one has actually the 4" barrel. The only other option was 6".

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There was a time once it was harder to uncover used version 28s with the 6" barrel and the prices to be slightly higher when girlfriend did. That has actually now to be turned top top its head, and also the 4" examples are more highly coveted and also harder to find. Castle can bring $100 or more higher prices 보다 a 6" example in the very same condition.

serial #N14893 made 1970-72I recognize this version N serial # N1 to 100000 was created 1970 come 72. Fairly low number if i am correct.

Actually the standard released list reflects the N1 come N100000 variety running indigenous 1969-1972. However, this has now been presented to it is in incorrect. We now know that from 1970-1972 serial numbers N1 come N60000 were provided for sure and the numbers may have actually gone a bit greater than that. N60001 may have been supplied as at an early stage as late 1972, and also then the numbers got to up to N190000 by the finish of 1974. Part of the factor for this being vague is that S&W supplied the serial numbers in blocks, no in sequence.

Moreover, there were several different N framework models share the very same serial sequence and they were no all being made at the exact same time. So one block of higher numbers booked for the model 29, because that example, can be supplied sooner 보다 a block that numbers booked for the design 27 the were lower.

So, yes, N14893 is a relatively low N prefix serial number, but it could date from as late as 1972, when looking strictly at the numbers someone could expect the to be of 1970 production. The only method to find out because that sure once a particular gun shipped from the manufacturing facility is to purchase a factory authentication letter for $50. Yet who yes, really cares? We understand it come out in the very early 1970s, which is most likely close enough, right?.

It is precious mentioning right here that even the gun bearing the number N1 is not really very early Highway Patrolman revolver because the model spent about 15 years gaining S prefix numbers prior to the agency switched to using the N prefix serialization.

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with rubber grips and very good condition

"Very good" is a subjective label, so it is an overwhelming to ascribe a addressed value because that you without see photographs. In addition, initial condition also assumes every the initial parts space there, consisting of the stocks. However yours has actually some sort of "Goodyear" grips ~ above it rather of the walnut panels the came with the total (most most likely checkered Magna stocks). Therefore that"s a tiny price ding.

If the finish is at around 95% and also you have actually only the revolver (no box, documents and also tools) the value is probably around $500. Not too bad for a gun that offered for about $125 as soon as it was brand new.