I understand it seems incredible, yet there are more than likely at the very least 42 points in Your master Bathroom! even when i lumped points together (for example, cosmetics, toiletries, medications), over there are conveniently 42 things that popped into my mind. That knew the we space so “invested” in ours bathrooms?

If you are a new visitor come this blog, welcome! I create lists the 42 items for household inventory purposes. I perform this because we lost our house in a wildfire in 2007 (you deserve to read about the ns of our residence here: Any means the Wind Blows) and we weren’t all set in any type of fashion, much less with a perform of our family members inventory for our insurance allowance claim.

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Clean her Messy home Like a total Boss


A bit of background about these lists that 42…

Creating a household inventory is an arduous task. In fact, when we moved house to our recently rebuilt home, I started to fret and worry about losing our brand-new stuff together we acquired our new stuff.

One day, in October a couple of years ago, it was a specifically blustery day. October in southern California is traditionally warm and also beautiful and full of countless blue skies. But, October, too, is traditionally wildfire season (although i think this year, our branch has suggested that every year is wildfire season!).

Anyway, the wind was howling and also I was as nervous together a long-tailed cat in a room complete of rocking chairs together I watched tumbleweeds roll past my office window. So, I had actually a excellent idea…let’s hire a company to do our new household inventory! And, that way I won’t forget to incorporate our rubber duckies!

I thought hiring a agency to do it would be ideal, at the very least from my perspective. After all, the family inventory I developed for our insurance company, after the loss of our home, take it me 9 months of working nights and also weekends and was 165 excel pages long!

So, ns looked increase a local agency on the web, dubbed them, and made an meeting for them to come out and also give us the scoop. Two very nice ladies arrived, well-prepared v their sales pitch, walked about our home, take it notes, and then told us they would certainly email us a proposal in a few days.

True to their word, the proposal come in a couple of days. To execute a whole-house inventory, they want $10,000!

Well, punch me away v my hairdryer! after sputtering and also gasping with shock, Charlie and also I made decision we would simply ride that out and hope the “lightning doesn’t to win twice”! So, we thanked them yet told lock no thanks.

Fast forward a few years, and I was still jumpy as a cat and still didn’t have anything done towards being “pro-active” ~ above this project. So, by taking baby steps and sharing this journey through readers, I now have more than 50 lists of household inventory items, but I’m nowhere close to being done!

The beat walk on…

Let’s exercise this exercise together right now – the practice of developing a family inventory list. Once I acquired over the shock that the insurance money adjuster said me I necessary to submit a personal property family members inventory list on one excel spreadsheet and also that it necessary to list everything we owned “down come the last toothpick,” I offered this visualization an approach that that (the adjuster) said I do. I closed mine eyes and visually gotten in the room i was working on (remember, our home was no longer in existence; just a covering of rubble and a fireplace chimney).

In this case, let’s pretend ns was start the grasp bathroom. So, ns looked to my left. What to be to my left? I created it on my excel spreadsheet. Next, what’s top top the right? I added those points to the list. What was straight ahead? I added those points to the list.

So, looking at the photo above, what do you see? lucky ducky – you acquire to look in ~ a photo and not visualize in her mind! through the way, things prefer tubs, sinks, and also toilets room considered part of her dwelling and not component of your an individual property under a homeowner’s policy. Here’s what I see in the photo above starting from the left:

in the corner of the bath tub are one or much more bottleson the left countertop are two tree in 2 potson the ideal side of the countertop are a soap dish, what watch to it is in a toothbrush holder, and also a soap dispensertwo one hanging towel ring are above the countertoptwo towels room hanging from the towel ringsthere’s a mirrortwo wall surface sconces on either side of the mirrorlightbulbs in the wall sconcesa chandelierlightbulbs in the chandeliermultiple set of white towels on the open shelvingand what shows up to it is in a toilet seat cover box built into the wall surface beside the toilet

Twelve things! If you counting the stuff I defined together in one category, such together on heat #3 above, this list has actually 14 things in it, not including the toilet document which is out of photograph range. And that doesn’t encompass anything inside the cabinets and drawers!

And guess what? I’m sure there’s soap in the soap food so that method there space 15 points that one can see in this beautiful blue-tiled understand bathroom.

42 things in Your grasp Bathroom

Are you working on her own home inventory project, whether for an individual use or as the an outcome of a homeowner’s insurance allowance claim? I’ve developed an eBook to assist you watch it through. The Complete book of Lists: Room-by-Room Checklists for Your family Inventory task combines the 55 list on this blog add to 20 new lists and also rolls lock up into on eBook through 75 various home list checklists – every for the short price that $9.99! sure beats $10,000, however you do need to do the job-related of developing your very own inventory yourself, however these checklists make it a little easier!

Check out the checklists!

Here’s the perform of 42 points in your understand bathroom to assist you no forget “the critical toothpick” (this short article contains affiliate links for her convenience. Click below to read my complete disclosure policy.):

Below space a couple of different Pinteresting photos that you can pin to her Pinterest plank so that you have a bookmark to come back to this article at any type of time. Plus, you have the right to pin the blue rubber ducky above!

Thank you because that sharing!

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You know, this project doesn’t need to be “after the fact,” i.e., after you’ve had actually a loss. You can start now and also work on your entirety house perform project and also be pro-active. An easy method to execute it is come take in-depth photos of your master bathroom. Open up the drawers, doors, and cabinets and take images of everything. Then save the photos somewhere offsite favor in a security deposit box.

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Plus, there space other methods to usage this list, such as:

use this perform to develop a bridal or wedding shower head listor as a list for a college-bound studentor together a perform for someone acquiring their an initial place

Multiple uses…lots that possibilities.


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