Up below in wonderful NY state, students take an English state exam which calls for them to read a poem and also a passage (usually an excerpt indigenous a short story) and identify a common theme in between the two. They have to then compose a subject essay, explaiyellowcomic.com how the authors usage literary gadgets to convey that theme. 


To present the concepts, I"d choose to find a track that relates thematically to Julius Caesar (since we simply finished this text). I would then pair that tune with some excerpts from the text. I am looking for songs concerned power, fate/free will, greed, honor, principles, pride, etc. that would job-related well through this text.

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Permalink reply by Erin Malone ~ above November 1, 2011 at 9:21am

Backstabbers by the Ojays.

Permalink reply by Megan Manogue ~ above November 1, 2011 at 9:58am

I would certainly ask the kids to come up with some ideas. Someone in ours department just did a project dubbed "Hamlet"s IPod." Students had actually to come up with songs the relate to Hamlet and submit textual evidence to assistance their choice. A an excellent project because that them, lots of principles for you!

Permalink answer by camille napier bernstein ~ above November 2, 2011 in ~ 10:19am

I agree v having kids come up through ideas. In fact, I"ll connect my task for fatality of a Salesman, where youngsters have to produce a soundtrack, liner notes, and write a justification.


Permalink answer by Terisa King top top November 2, 2011 in ~ 2:52pm

I would be tempted come collaborate with the Music manager looking for present tunes that express comparable themes. For instance, mark Anthony to be to supply his ideal friend"s eulogy in former of an upset mob and also surrounded by adversaries soaked with the blood that his friend. Comparable emotions exsist in songs from" Rent", "Cabaret,"" guy of LaMancha"," Carosel and


In revolve the film "Best small Whorehouse in Texas" has a great song "I love to run a little side step" the matches either B Cassias. "Memories" from "CATS" need to work for Brutus. " ns don"t know how to Love him" indigenous "Jesus Christ Superstar" would fit one of two people Calpurnia or Portia. Friend might additionally check the end the libretto because that "The shade Purple, the Musical"

for mrs sympathtic songs.

I am not that familar with " UrineTown", yet understand there room some great double meayellowcomic.com, beat on indigenous lyrics.

Show tunes could not grab student attention yet lyrics and also recordings are easier to find and also can accumulate your college student to search for comparable song contributions.

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Permalink reply by Julie Jones top top December 8, 2011 in ~ 8:48am

If you click on the "Connections" tab on the left, and then download the LitTunes connections DataBase, you"ll discover a totality list the paired contemporary Music and Canonical Literature.