Applies to: Tested for 7.01 but applies to various other versions (till 7.4) as well.


The users should have knowledge of developing, building, deploying and also running internet Dynpro Java Applications.



Developers getting a “Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by web Dynpro!” message and also not able to check out their developments running in the browser.


NOTE : http://:/webdynpro/resources/ is certainly not the URL of your internet Dynpro Java and also is in reality the revolution URL that the error page.

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Permanent Resolution has included support for every browsers and new versions of net Explorer eventually in greater versions and service packs. Please visit the complying with links come visit the Product ease of access Matrix (PAM) to setup upgrades with the basis Team. Please note that you require Marketplace (SMP) credentials to access the following links.

Details because that Product variation NETWEAVER 7.0

Details because that Product version EHP1 because that NETWEAVER 7.0

Details for Product variation EHP2 for NETWEAVER 7.0

Details for Product variation EHP3 because that NETWEAVER 7.0

Details for Product version NETWEAVER 7.3

Details for Product variation EHP1 for NETWEAVER 7.3

Details for Product version NETWEAVER 7.4

Temporary Resolution / workaround

STEP 1: Developers very first need to find the exactly URL the their web Dynpro Java Application.

How to get the exactly URL, potential options –

Ask the correct URL from your colleagueRun the application from NWDS on part other desktop computer having an older variation of the IERun the applications on some internet browser e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Google ChromeIn situation you desire to uncover the URL from part other desktop not having actually NWDS set up on it, run the applications on some other desktop by going to Server Homepage -> net Dynpro tools -> Deployed contents -> -> Applications -> -> Run.

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NOTE: You net Dynpro Java applications URL must look something choose this


STEP 2 : walk to in other words F12 developer devices


STEP 3: set the browser mode to ie 9 Compatibility View


STEP 4: collection the record Mode come Quirks Mode


STEP 5: set the user agent string to Default



Now put the URL found in action 1 in the browser and also hit the get in button. Developer should have the ability to see their applications running fine in the in other words 9 browser.