Soul Eater: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Death The Kid Kid is a complex character and there are some quirks about him the casual fans and even some devoted fans of his might not be aware of.

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In the Soul Eater series, Death the Kid, also known as just Kid, is the son of the Grim Reaper, Death himself. He"s also a gunslinger, being the Meister of the Demon Twin Guns. He"s had various roles, from student to fighter, from investigating witch-related incidents for his father to one day inheriting his father"s position as the new Grim Reaper.

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All in all, Kid is a complex character and there are some quirks about him the casual fans and even some devoted fans of his might not be aware of, including what revolves around him in the series, his creation, and his role in promotional material, and even what the fans think of him.

Soul Eater Excalibur Talking To Death The Kid And Black Star Cropped
Death the Kid"s name is a reference to Billy the Kid, also known as Henry McCarty or William H. Bonney. a famous outlaw and gunfighter of the American Old West.

His role as a Meister of the Demon Twin Guns, a pair known as Liz and Patty Thompson, also seems to be a reference to the historical figure, who was not only a known gunfighter but eventually even died of a gunshot wound himself. For their part, Liz and Patty likely get their surname from the Thompson submachine gun.

death the kid panicking from soul eater
As a perfectionist, Kid has an obsession with things being symmetrical and this can be used against him. He hesitates to attack anything he views as symmetrical, even an opponent. Similarly, he can be easily brought down with any action that makes him lose his symmetry, such as cutting his hair. Ironically, his asymmetrical hair is already very taxing for him. This proves powerful enough to even knock him out.

Generally, he has a sensitive nature and way of fighting that can be used against him. That said, he has claimed to be seeking help so that he can overcome these tendencies, suggesting that he"ll eventually lose these weaknesses. The manga especially shows him learning to process his fears.

lord death from soul eater
Kid was made from a fragment of the soul of his father, the Grim Reaper. Because of this, he doesn"t seem to have a mother. He has great respect for his father, taking great offense at him being insulted and even tolerating his asymmetrical appearance.

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Kid isn"t the first of the Grim Reaper"s sons, with his father creating Asura in a similar manner. Asura essentially grew into a personification of fear, with Kid sort of being created to counter him. The two brothers have an antagonistic relationship.

7 He"s Rather Fond Of Humans

Soul Eater Death Kid
While proud of his status as a shinigami, even wanting to inherit his father"s position, he usually isn"t arrogant about his nature, usually conducting himself in a humane and mature manner.

Not only has he been shown to have some respect and even faith in humanity, he even once comments that he was a shinigami created by human standards, suggesting he thinks of himself as part human.

Even at first glance, Kid"s eyes are somewhat unusual, with two shades of gold or yellow around his pupil, likely to showcase his connection to the supernatural.

However, the time his eyes become truly unique is in his Grim Reaper form, essentially his "true form." After his battle with Asura on the Moon, his irises now take on skull shapes, although they still remain golden.

5 He Really Knows His Way Around A Skateboard

Being a shinigami gives him a variety of powers, one of which includes summoning his skateboard, which has the name Beelzebub, at will. While he can ride it as a normal skateboard, he"s also been able to use it offensively when in battle.

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He can use it to fly, hover, even sic it on an opponent as an attack. During his "Tornado Flip" attack, he can even use it to cut material, such as rope.

In his normal attire, Kid usually likes to dress sharply, usually donning a suit, but he"s also been shown to have a special place in his heart for cloaks. When sent on missions by his father, the Grim Reaper, he dons a similar cloak, sometimes completing the look with a mask on occasion. However, this cloak comes with none of the powers or abilities his father"s cloak has.

Despite this lack of power, there"s a simple reason why he wears it: he just likes his cloak. That said, after his father"s death, he takes on his cloak, granting him its various powers, such as repairing or transforming itself.

3 He Doesn"t Have Much Sense Of Personal Space

While this isn"t an issue in general, when he becomes obsessed with an issue, he"ll become so caught up with it that he"ll lose any sense of personal space or boundaries.

He has shown this habit in various ways: from grabbing onto people to walking in on people while they are bathing. Even when he appears in Soul Eater Not!, he is shown getting in Tsugumi"s face just so he could fix her hair.

Kid has quite a few songs revolving around him in the anime. One song that is especially considered his leitmotif is "So Crazy," which has a lot of influence from 90"s era R&B music. Another one of his songs is the harmonica-heavy hip-hop-influenced"Bang!Bang!Bang!Bang! Have a Nice Dream," which has a title made up of eight words, likely a shout-out to eight being Kid"s favorite number.

Another character song that pairs him with Liz and Patty is "Sore ga Bokura no Michishirube." This song arguably has more of a J-pop influence than his previous songs.

1 He"s Very Popular With Fans

Two official popularity polls have been released ranking the Soul Eater characters, one around Chapter 53 and Chapter 100.

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Not only did Kid win the first official poll, being the most popular character with fans, but his popularity also didn"t falter at all by the time the second poll rolled around: he was once again the most popular character.

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