The square source of 34 is expressed together √34 in the radical type and together (34)½ or (34)0.5 in the exponent form. The square source of 34 rounded up to 8 decimal areas is 5.83095189. It is the optimistic solution of the equation x2 = 34.

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What Is the Square source of 34?

Is the Square root of 34 Rational or Irrational?

A reasonable number is a number which is:

either terminatingor non-terminating and also has a repeating pattern in that decimal part

Clearly, this is non-terminating and the decimal part has no repeating pattern. So that is not a reasonable number.

Thus, 34 is one irrational number.

How to discover the Square root of 34?

We can uncover the square source of 34 using various methods.

Repeated SubtractionPrime FactorizationEstimation and ApproximationLong Division

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Simplified Radical kind of Square root of 34

The element factorization of 34 is 34 = 2 × 17

To find the square root of any type of number, us take one number from each pair consist of of very same numbers and also we main point them. However the prime factorization of 34 is 2 × 17, which has actually no pairs consisting of same numbers. Thus, 34 cannot be simplified any type of further.

Square source of 34 by Long division Method

The square source of 34 have the right to be uncovered using the long division as follows.

The long division process of finding the square root is no the very same as the normal long division.


Step 1: In this step, we take 34 together a pair (by put a bar end it). (If the number has an odd variety of digits, then we ar a bar simply on the an initial digit; if the number has actually an even number of digits, then we location a bar ~ above the an initial two digits together).Step 2: Find a number whose square is really close come 34 and less 보다 or same to 34. We know that 52 = 25. So 5 is such a number. We compose it in the location of both the quotient and the divisor.Step 3: due to the fact that we do not have any type of other digits of 34 to bring forward, we write pairs of zeros after the decimal allude (as 34 = 34.000000...). We compose as countless pairs together we desire the variety of decimals after the decimal allude in the final result. Let united state calculate 34 up to 3 decimals. For this reason we write 3 bag of zeros. Because we have taken a decimal allude in the dividend, let united state write a decimal suggest in the quotient too after 5.Step 4: Remember that we constantly carry forward two digits in ~ a time while finding a square root. For this reason we bring forward 2 zeros at a time. Double the quotient and also write it together the divisor of the following division. Yet note that this is no the finish divisor.Step 5: now a component of the divisor is 10; think i m sorry number have to replace every of the boxes such that the product is an extremely close to 900 and is much less than or equal to 900. We have 108 × 8 = 864. Thus, the forced number is 8. Encompass it in both the divisor and quotient.Step 6: us repeat action 3 and also step 4 for the equivalent divisors and also quotients of the succeeding divisions.


So much we have got 34 = 5.830

Explore Square roots using illustrations and also interactive examples

Important Notes:

34 lies in between 25 and also 36. Therefore 34 lies between 25 and 36.That is, 34 lies in between 5 and also 6.The element factorization an approach is used to create a square source of a non-perfect square number in the easiest radical form. For example: 45 = 3 × 3 × 5 = 32 × 35. So, 45 = 32 × 5 = 35.

Think Tank:

Can the worth of a square source be negative as well? Hint: Think what is the square that a an unfavorable number.Is √-34 a genuine number?Hint: Think whether there is any kind of real number whose square is negative.


Example 2: Patrick prepared a pizza of area 34π square inches. Uncover its radius. Ring the answer to the nearest integer.


Let us assume that the radius of the pizza is r inches. Climate its area making use of the formula the area the a one is πr2 square inches. By the given information, πr2 = 34π

r2 = 34

By taking the square source on both sides, r2 = 34. We recognize that the square source of r2 is r. Through calculating the square source of 34 and rounding the answer come the nearest integer,

Hence, the radius of pizza = 5.83 inches

Example: solve the equation x2 − 34 = 0


x2 - 34 = 0 i.e. X2 = 34x = ±√34Since the worth of the square source of 34 is 5.831,⇒ x = +√34 or -√34 = 5.831 or -5.831.



FAQs ~ above the Square source of 34

What is the worth of the Square root of 34?

The square root of 34 is 5.83095.

Why is the Square source of 34 one Irrational Number?

Upon prime factorizing 34 i.e. 21 × 171, 2 is in strange power. Therefore, the square root of 34 is irrational.

What is the worth of 9 square source 34?

The square source of 34 is 5.831. Therefore, 9 √34 = 9 × 5.831 = 52.479.

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If the Square root of 34 is 5.831. Uncover the worth of the Square root of 0.34.

Let us represent √0.34 in p/q type i.e. √(34/100) = 0.34/10 = 0.583. Hence, the value of √0.34 = 0.583

What is the Square root of 34 in simplest Radical Form?

We have to express 34 together the product that its prime factors i.e. 34 = 2 × 17. Therefore, as visible, the radical kind of the square root of 34 cannot be streamlined further. Therefore, the simplest radical type of the square root of 34 have the right to be created as √34

Evaluate 19 add to 11 square source 34

The given expression is 19 + 11 √34. We know that the square root of 34 is 5.831. Therefore, 19 + 11 √34 = 19 + 11 × 5.831 = 19 + 64.140 = 83.140