How carry out you obtain rich in rod RPG?

Follow the stick RPG stock market and look for a stock that drops all the way down to one dollar. Invest all your money in the stock. Wait and also see just how high your stock can climb. V luck, your stock can earn your character millions of dollars.

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How do you acquire a lot of charm in rod RPG 2?

Get a task or finish a mission if you’re passionate to increase your charm faster. Jobs and missions gain you money, which deserve to be supplied to drink or smoke huge amounts. Invest in actual estate. As soon as you have some cash flow and also are able come buy houses and also furniture you’ll have the ability to increase your charm lot faster.

How perform you get intelligence in stick RPG 2?


Being lucky in jobs.Going to college (These may have actually ‘events’ the can give you extra, or be bad, that is, offering minus intelligence or various other stats.) Being lucky doing other things (e.g. One event in the easy Gym with Emma ‘Extreme’ can offer you +24 Strength, +8 Intelligence)

How carry out you obtain the Trophemon in stick RPG 2?

Get a Pizza ($75) and also a milkshake ($7) from Joe’s Pizza Place and McSticks respectively, which cost a full of $82.

Give them come DJ MatchStick McQuick in that exact order in ~ the Night Club during the night (4:00 pm – 6:00 pm) to receive a Trophemon.The player’s Charm stat will increase when both items room given.

How execute you become a king in rod RPG 2?

The King is the greatest tier the government easily accessible through the city room in stick RPG 2. You need 890 charm and also 1860 intelligence in bespeak to achieve this. The King additionally happens to be the ideal paying job in the game, providing you $2,420/3h.

How do you beat the lock in rod RPG 2?


Go to “Benjamin Club”Go come the much right the the club and also there need to be a device labeled “Castle”Insert coin ($1,000)Win the game. (Tip: If girlfriend don’t know exactly how to win the game, you have to obtain the sword, death the ‘boss’, go ago to the begin with the locked door and also you win.)You will have actually won the lock key.

Where execute I obtain a driver in pole RPG 2?

Description. The article is obtained either by purchase at the hardware keep or offering the hungry mutant close to the college an old warm dog.

How carry out you gain a sledgehammer in pole RPG 2?

Talk come ‘Recon’ Bob Yawlaiter. Provide your einsteinium and Weathered sledge come him. Friend will acquire the hefty Sledge.

Where is the bar in stick RPG 2?

Skye’s Bar is located on the 2nd island, right ahead of the street you enter the second island through. Over there is an air hockey table which two stickpeople room playing at. Fandom might earn one affiliate board of directors on sales made from links on this page. That connects to two bathrooms, men and also women.

Where do you gain weapons in pole RPG 2?

Arms Dealer Larry is an eight dealer uncovered on the second Island, behind a building throughout from Skye’s Bar. The is there just at night only yet may not occasionally be there. That is likewise found in ~ The Dangling Pianist (Directors cut Only), in the men’s bathroom. He sells Weapons.

How execute you cheat on pole RPG?

Cheat mode: enter HEYZEUS!!!! as a user name to get 555 Stats and 10,000 to begin the game.

What is karma in stick RPG?

The three key stats within the stick RPG series are Strength, Intelligence, and also Charm. Karma can be considered secondary stat; however it is not intensified through training, and is only impacted by your actions transparent the series. You deserve to randomly get strength, intelligence and also charm indigenous doing various other quests.

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How smart do you need to be in rod rpg come hotwire the car?

A yellow auto will always be existing next to your apartment in pole RPG. As soon as the player has +350 knowledge points, they have the right to hotwire the car and press “C” to journey it.

How carry out you lose karma in stick RPG?

How to Decrease

Doing “bad” deeds.Random occasions while working a job.Buying an ID map from the illegal seller. (-25 Karma)Giving the Trophemons come the Eccentric Billionaire. Eating evil one Food Cake (-50 Karma) (Director’s cut only)


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