I know expense will vary based on amount the framing, thickness, and so on ... Yet I"m trying to gain a rough understand on expense for residential storefront. I"ve talked to a few companies and also have to be told to expect expenses in the $70/sq. Ft range if the glass sizes deserve to be held under 4 ft large x 12 ft high (due to size of ovens the temper). Go this sound choose a reasonable ball park? We"re in the architecture phase and have a wall surface that will be around 35 ft wide x 12-14 tall.

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What kind of system? friend state storefront but in a residential setup storefront is no the correct device in my opinion. Storefront is no as good as weathersealing and also air sealing, friend are restricted in elevation to a max of about 12"-0" as well. Curtain-wall is the exactly product indigenous the sound of her project and also depending on the COL in her area considrable much more money.


The glazing isn"t as huge of an expense as the engineering and also steel for the curtain wall. But, if you space going to meet the required power codes, the glass no be cheap either.



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