Frank "Sugar Chile" Robinson began playing the piano at 3 years old and also seemed to have a organic proclivity for play the piano, yet he chose one more route in life.

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3 job after Christmas in 1938...

Frank Isaac Robinson to be born. At the period of two, even though neither of his parents were musicians, Frank began to play piano through ear. Simply one year later he won a talent present at Detroit"s really own sky Theatre wowing the audience with his unbelievable piano blues and also jazz ability on the piano. Roughly the same time he showed up in the 1946 American movie "No Leave, No Love," he came to be a nationwide sensation. The went top top a nationwide tour and collection box office records. In 1946 he also had a opportunity to play because that President Truman in ~ the White House. He later toured with Count Basie and reached as high together #14 on the Billboard R&B Charts.

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"Caledonia" from the motion picture "No Leave, No Love" (1946)

In 1952 Frank prevent recording and gave increase music completely in 1956. In spite of his tremendous talents, the instead determined to pursue a college education. After ~ graduating high institution at the period of 15, Frank went on to receive two separate degrees (History and also Ph.D. In Psychology) native Olivet College and also the Detroit academy of an innovation (respectively).

In so late 2007 Frank returned to the stage in Detroit finally addressing the decades-old an enig why such a young talented start simply up and quit. This is what he had actually to say:

“I started out so young ns really had actually no childhood...and I wanted to stop entertaining because I want a thoroughly education. Ns was raised in show service with a tutor. And also the tutor taught school. So once he to be in school teaching, all my friends to be in institution too...and once he involved the home they were the end playing, and also I remained in school. I had actually to do a decision about whether to save entertaining or to obtain an education. And also that’s what i did. That’s the factor why girlfriend didn’t hear from sugar Chile in a long time.”

"Numbers Boogie"

He at some point went ~ above to execute production work and additionally worked in ~ the very first African-American owned television station, WGPR-TV. Frank has made several current musical appearances extending from 2002 - 2013 however keeps largely quiet in his Detroit home. Check out Frank playing as one adult below:

Frank Robinson - the man

A few other fun facts around "Sugar Chile" Robinson

Frank is the youngest of 7 youngsters in his familyHis mother provided him the nickname "Sugar Chile"His song "Go, Boy, Go" to be featured in a 2006 Dockers CommercialHe was once disqualified from talent competition for being too youngIn 1948 he ended up being the youngest member the American Federation after ~ their unique consent