Out the the Dust Summary

Meet billy Jo Kelby, a fourteen-year-old girl living in Cimarron County, Oklahoma through her mom, a homemaker, and her dad, a farmer. While there"s tranquility in their tiny family, she hasn"t exactly been living the dream. She dad to be expecting a boy and also got she instead, which has actually kept their partnership strained, and on height of that, his farm is in decrease due to the drought and also dust storms. Things are about to change in a huge way, though, together Ma has recently learned that she"s going to have a baby.

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Ma taught billy Jo come play the piano once she to be young, and it"s since grown right into a huge passion for her. Arley Wanderdale, a music manager who offers lessons at her school, take away a one-of-a-kind interest in she talent, inviting her to play for regional shows and also even walk on tour through him, his tape the black Mesa Boys, and crooning heartthrob mad Dog Craddock. In spite of her mutual love because that the piano, though, Ma is type of cagey around her playing professionally, which create tension in between the two of them.

Just once things room opening up for billy Jo"s very own music career, tragedy strikes. When making breakfast, Ma mistakes a bucket the kerosene because that water and pours the on the stove. She runs external with the intention of coming ago in, yet Billie Jo, unaware of this, throws the flaming bucket that kerosene outside at the moment she returns, recording Ma ~ above fire.

Billie Jo tries come smother the flames v her hands, bad burning castle in the process. A couple of days later, Ma dies providing birth to a infant boy, whom Daddy names Franklin (as in Roosevelt). Billie Jo battles with anger towards both herself and Daddy for what happened.

Billie Jo and also Daddy battle to to fill the void left through Ma and also the baby. Dad starts digging an substantial hole because that an irrigation pond Ma argued he shot to make and also enrolls in part night college classes in case the farm goes under; meanwhile, billie Jo do the efforts to discover ways to rest the silence between them and deal with her emotions about what happened. Life, however, is one giant, consistent reminder of what she"s lost, specifically when a migrant family members joins her school and also the mother provides birth to a infant girl.

While she hands space in such pain that play piano is difficulty, billy Jo quiet tries. She accepts Arley"s invitation to play in ~ a dance show and also even wins 3rd prize in a talent competition. Also music, though, has actually lost the delight it used to lug her; life at some point wears her under so much that as soon as she"s invite to play in ~ graduation ceremonies, she just sits there and also can"t beat a note.

We"d like to say that things progressively start getting much better for Daddy and also Billie Jo, however they don"t. Daddy"s wheat crops proceed to endure the onslaught that the dust storms, and also although his very own father passed away of skin cancer, dad chooses to disregard some spots the start arriving on his skin quite than obtain them treated. Once Billie Jo realizes the he would rather die and abandon she than proceed to confront the future there is no Ma, she decides to leave home.

Billie Jo hitches a ride on a boxcar traveling west, and on she journey, she meets up with a guy who left his wife and children in hopes of recognize a far better way to provide for them. Her encounter with the man makes her realize that getting away native Oklahoma isn"t the answer—she can"t abandon she father and the only residence she knows—instead she requirements to discover to prosper there, just like the wheat. She gets turn off the train in Arizona and places a contact to the neighborhood store because that someone to let Daddy understand she"s coming home.

Daddy meets her at the station and also things instantly begin come improve. They start talking openly about everything that"s happened and also Billie Jo convinces the to get his skin examined. The medical professional cuts out the spots in wishes of protecting against the cancer, and also advises billy Jo to begin using she hands again to help them heal.

Just as billy Jo and also Daddy start to heal your relationship, another big development happens: Daddy"s lady friend, Louise, concerns dinner. She to be his teacher in the night college class and the two really hit it off. If she"s happy for she dad, billie Jo struggles with exactly how much she wants to let Louise into her life; Louise is understanding of this though, and doesn"t try to pressure her means into the family. Instead, she kindly listens to billy Jo"s story and also gradually wins she over.

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On Thanksgiving, daddy asks Louise come marry him. She offers him a 2nd mule for an engagement gift, and also he provides plans to diversify his crop choice and shot some new farming techniques. Billie Jo loves Louise and also looks front to she visits, and the day she and Daddy obtain married. She enjoys play piano for them, having lastly let herself heal enough to return to her love of music.