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Darcy Wills is in ~ the center of this tale, a sequel to till We satisfy Again. Darcy hides a painful secret from her friends and family. However others, consisting of her parents and her childhood friend, are maintaining secrets of your own. Once the reality finally surfaces, Darcy"s entire civilization is turn upside under forever.

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What is the Bluford Series? A Gateway come Reading!The Bluford collection is a arsenal of high-interest novels that have captivated teenagers nationwide. Collection in fictional Bluford High, a tough but nurturing inside city high school, the novels speak come the interests, struggles, and concerns that today’s 5th–10th graders. Praised through faculty, parents, and also students alike, the Bluford series has transformed whole classrooms right into reading zones. A frequent choice for school- and city-wide analysis initiatives, the series has been widely reviewed in the newspaper for Adolescent and also Adult literacy (JAAL) and also repeatedly endorsed through the American Library combination (ALA) and the Young Adult Library services Association (YALSA).

Key features of the Bluford Series

Relevant topics: Topics, themes, and also situations in the Bluford collection engage students’ real-life experiences. Through having straight relevance come students’ lives, the books instantly hook readers.Exciting and also uplifting stories: The Bluford series celebrates teenage characters who make confident choices, specifically when together actions are challenging or unpopular. Readers come to be emotionally engaged in every character’s struggle and also often cheer in triumph when it is resolved!

Common main point Aligned: The Bluford series features a comprehensive teacher"s guide that includes a wide variety of tasks aligned to the common Core State Standards. Provided together, the Bluford Series and the teacher"s guide are a powerful Language Arts source for students. Get details around the Bluford collection and the common Core Standards. Accessible creating style: Bluford novels space written to appeal to intermediary readers. While content in the series is innovative enough for high-school students and also beyond, the reading level because that the novels is between 5th and 6th grade.Short length: Each novel in the Bluford collection contains fewer than 200 pages. This usual length motivates readers to complete their book. And once they read one, most students want to continue—a pivotal step toward becoming regular readers!Continuity and also depth: While each novel stands on that own, many characters and also conflicts carry over from publication to book. Reader are drawn into a complex fictional civilization they want to explore.Broad appeal: Action, suspense, mystery, and romance fill the pages the the Bluford Series, offering something for all readers—boys and also girls alike.Great price: Every novel in the Bluford series is accessible at $2 each—an unbeatable value! 

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about the writer

Paul LanganBorn in Philadelphia, Paul Langan spent his early childhood in the city prior to moving with his solitary mother to southern brand-new Jersey. Over there he attended publicly school and also worked a selection of jobs—including salesperson at a shoes store, attendant in ~ a equine ranch, landscaper at a psychological hospital, and a night-shift stockperson in a warehouse store close to Atlantic City. “Each job,” he says today, “could be the topic of number of juicy novels.” In 1991, the enrolled in ~ Camden county College and also a year later transferred come La Salle University, whereby he studied an imaginative writing and literature, earning a B.A. In English. While at La Salle, he lived with international students, traveled to his roommate’s home in Kenya, became a jail tutor, and found “the courage” to write.  After graduation, he operated for a nonprofit firm in Philadelphia and then joined Townsend push (TP) as an Assistant Editor. After ~ he contributed to a number of TP textbooks and also taught English in ~ a community college, Paul reconnected to his understand in an imaginative writing v the Bluford Series. Originally working together an assistant through the Bluford novels, Paul’s duty steadily grew. He currently serves as both editor that the collection and author or coauthor of several novels, including The Bully, The Gun, and The Fallen. His story reflect his an individual experiences, consisting of the challenges of farming up without a father, being the “new kid” in school, and also dealing v the lose of a loved one.  In 2001, Paul perfect a Master’s level in education and learning from the college of Pennsylvania. In enhancement to expanding the Bluford Series, he desires of writing a successful movie script, preferably a “supernatural thriller.” today Paul lives with his wife and three kids near Philadelphia and stubbornly clings to the hope that he will one day see the Philadelphia Eagles success the super Bowl.  You may call Paul by composing to the at: Paul Langan Townsend push 439 Kelley journey West Berlin, NJ 08091


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All comments below are indigenous letters sent out to us by educators who space using the Bluford Series.

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“My entire school has just perfect reading The Bully and thoroughly enjoyed the book. Castle are moving on to The Gun, the next book in the series, and also will begin reading several of the previous books also. In every the years that I have actually been a librarian, I have actually never viewed urban youngsters so enthused about a book. Our employee members love the books too. Thank you for igniting reading enjoyment in our students.”

—Corlette Mays, Librarian, Hatch center School (Camden, NJ)

“My college student adore the Bluford Series. We space spreading the pleasure we uncover in these books an extremely quickly. We uncover your publications to be so interesting. We love the method they called to genuine life situations. My students are analysis a lot now since they have uncovered something that really understand them.”

—Audrey Russell, analysis Teacher, Turner center School (Philadelphia, PA)

"Thank you because that the wonderful Bluford Series! us bought a most them for that good price. Us were trying to find anything our wake up readers would spend an ext than 10 minutes reading. Children are currently swapping books, stating them, not wanting teachers to end SSR time, and teachers have actually been comes begging for sets for your rooms also.”

—R. Archer, analysis Teacher, Cabrillo High college (Long Beach, CA)

“I teach in a center school, and there is little my student like much less than to it is in asked to read. The Bluford books, however, have made a vast difference. The guys in certain will choose them up and also actually lose themselves in them.”

—H. Pollock, Teacher north Brandywine middle School (Coatsville, PA)

“We have actually not been able to save the Bluford books on the shelves since the very first students discovered them. Both boys and girls are analysis them prefer crazy. They are making faces each other – one brings the book back and another checks it appropriate out. I have actually students who arrive in the library in ~ 7:30 (school doesn’t start until 8:30). Lock sit quiet at a table and read while other youngsters are play on computers.”

—P. Roche, Librarian/Media facility Director (Camden, NJ)

“My students have finished the series and can’t wait for much more books. The Bluford publications are wonderful because that reluctant readers, and also we need much more like them.”

—Renee Wedderspoon, Reading enhancement Program, Badger Ridge center School (Verona, WI)

“I would prefer to thank everyone in ~ Townsend push for the Bluford Series. The publications have to be flying off the shelves that the library because that months now. Our . . . Reading teachers have ordered to adjust of the novels for next year. These titles definitely filled a need in our school.”

—Deborah Mullin, Librarian, Rush middle School (Philadelphia, PA)

“My student love the Bluford Series. Students were grabbing the books so quickly I had to keep cautious track of them. Lock were even reading them in ~ home, and also their parents to be shocked. Please compose more!”

—Carole Koroluck, Teacher, Kennett center School (Kennett Square, PA)

“I have been making use of the Bluford High series in my . . . Classroom. I have not been able to save the books on mine shelves, and I"ve been dispersing the word to other teachers about how great these stories are. They room wonderful, and the students room asking for more! it is a rare point for me to have actually seen together excitement in <students> end books.”

—Cheryl Boulet, Teacher, Lafayette Parish School system (Lafayette, LA)

“After the Bluford books were delivered to the school, the real changes started. The novels flew turn off my shelf like hot tamales. The children would not placed them down. They would certainly sneak them during each of your classes, and also the other teachers to be coming come me befuddled. My colleagues were thrilled the the youngsters had found publications that they could identify with, yet they were not paying attention in class. Every day long, the student talked around the characters and the plot of every book. They have end up being inspired! Voracious readers currently walk right into my . . . Classroom.”

—M. Patano, reading Teacher (Philadelphia, PA)

“I purchase the Bluford series for my high school library this year. They space WONDERFUL! that is so complicated to find an excellent titles (with reality characters) because that my african American students. Please keep me on her mailing list, and let me recognize if any titles or new series space added.”

—Martha Gresham, Teacher, Collins High school (Collins, MS)

“One teacher who is making use of the Bluford series at our Residence basic reported the his students walk not want to avoid reading to walk to lunch; castle pleaded come stay and also finish reading. Other resident students have actually taken the publications to their rooms to continue reading in the evening and have finished all seven titles. One more teacher using the books reported the his college student who typically have a very complicated time remaining on task and also concentrating have the right to now concentrate completely for forty-five minutes while analysis the novels. Plenty of of his students have completed all seven books and are . . . Totally captured by the stories.”

—M. Donohue, manager of Education, Saint Gabriel’s mechanism (Philadelphia, PA)

“I am a high school Special education and learning Reading Teacher and work v a most disadvantaged students and children of migrant farm yard workers. I am thrilled through this series. So countless of my students love the books, and some have actually barely read an entire book before reading one of your books. Number of students took the publications home and gave them to other family members to read and also enjoy. Store up the an excellent work and also give united state some an ext books in the Bluford Series.”

—Lois Glennon, Teacher, south Dade an elderly High institution (Redlands, FL)

“The Bluford series is a finish hit v my students in ~ West Philadelphia High School. They yes, really can’t get enough of them. Even the kids that you’d the very least expect to check out are enjoying them!”

—Teacher, West Philadelphia High institution (Philadelphia, PA)

“My youngsters LOVE the Bluford books. This are an excellent books because that young minds.”

—Deana D. Young, analysis Teacher (Allentown, PA)

“Thank you for these exorbitant books and their amazing covers.”

—Doris Jeske, analysis Specialist, Carter school (Chicago, IL)

“Our college student love the Bluford Series. Ns can’t save the books on the shelves.”

—J. Downing, Library Media Specialist, Grover Washington Jr. Middle School (Philadelphia, PA)

“I am a second-year teacher in north Carolina. Ns . . . Can not say enough about your books. I have numerous students that are really reluctant come read, however everyone I have actually talked to loves the Bluford Series. We review to our students during homeroom every morning, and also my children want to keep reading and take the books home. Ns cannot think how much interest in reading the series has lugged to ours school. Will certainly there be an ext novels? I understand my children will take all they have the right to get.”

—Michele Johnson, Teacher (North Carolina)

“I have actually personally review all 7 books and I would recommend them without skepticism to anyone interested in modern urban fiction featuring afri American high institution students. They would certainly be a welcome enhancement to any kind of Young Adult library.”

—John F. Caviston, Librarian, Samuel S. Fels High institution (Philadelphia, PA)




All comments below are taken indigenous reviews the have appeared recently in a experienced reading journal.

“The novel introduces worries relevant come both male and female teen readers: the magic the budding romance, the personal struggles of children with parental in the throes of severe marital conflict; the prestige of social popularity to teens, and, interestingly, male violence versus females in teen relationships. . . . In a bigger sense, the novel displayed how new hope can emerge from an individual disillusion and disappointment.”

—A review of Lost and also Found through Neal A. Lester in the newspaper of Adolescent and Adult literacy

“<The Bully is> an exciting read. . . . The author is a good story teller who weaves in every the realistic details of everyday life that make reader forget this is fiction. . . . The everyday dramas the high school life—the cruelties, injustices, opportunities, and also successes—make a an excellent story when well put together. . . . A an easy story merely told that succeeds in its objective for its plan audience.”

—A testimonial of The Bully by James Blasingame in the journal of Adolescent and also Adult proficiency

“The book is well-written and easy to read. The situations hold the reader’s attention and also are ones the teens can relate to.”

—A student testimonial of A issue of Trust published in the journal of Adolescent and Adult literacy

A issue of Trust shows the emotionally volatility of teen romance, friendships, romantic and sibling rivalry, and also relationship betrayals. . . The rhythm of the language—the character’s and the narrator’s—makes the assorted storylines engaging and real. Schraff catches well the functions of female cliques, parental discord, immediate an individual responsibility in dispute with immediate an individual desires, and relationship healing.”

—A review of A issue of trust by Neal A. Lester in the journal of Adolescent and also Adult literacy

“<Someone to Love Me> keeps friend on the edge of your seat anxiously wonder what will happen next.”

—A student review of someone to Love Me published in the journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy