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Hoping who might be able to tell me if they"ve had a comparable experience....This last Saturday, my 6 year old got a sunflower seed stuck in her throat (shell and all). She had one in she mouth once her sister thrust her and it entered her throat. She states she swallowed and also it acquired stuck. She came screaming come me and told me it was stuck and also pointed right around at the hollow of her neck. I obtained her part water, yet she to be still hurting and also distressed. Flustered, we obtained in the auto ready to head come the E.R. I instead stopped at the store acquired her a banana, a coconut water and also magnesium to try and relax and also push the through. As soon as she drank this she stated she assumed she feel it relocate down. Immediately after she started wheezing, for this reason we visited the E.R. Anyway.They take it x-rays, which of food didn"t show anything due to the fact that a sunflower particle won"t display up. They provided the wheezing and also said due to the fact that she wasn"t in distress anymore the she more than likely passed it and also if it remained in her lungs she would be much more uncomfortable and trying come cough.Fast front to today, she is still wheezing and also has a gentle cough. She states the irritation is originating from wherein the seed was originally stuck. Not understanding why she would be wheezing still if she had actually swallowed and not aspirated the seed, ns took she to urgent care this evening. Again he noted the wheezing yet was insistent the there is no issue, and if she actually inhaled the seeds "her body will certainly take care of it" and also wrote me a rx because that allergy meds.She doesn"t have actually asthma, she"s not sick and also she doesn"t have actually allergies. This come on automatically after the seed gained stuck, and also I can hear "whistling" from across the room as soon as she bring away a deep breath or laughs. She is in an excellent spirits and feels fine and energetic otherwise. I just can"t uncover an explanation regarding why she would be wheezing two days after ~ the fact unless there was damage or irritation to she windpipe indigenous the particle poking the common wall surface of the esophagus and trachea or had actually actually aspirated the seed and also it"s lodged in there v no pain.

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However the doctor doesn"t think this is possible. As soon as I organize my stethoscope to she neck the sound is louder 보다 in she lungs.Given the physician this evening was of no assist whatsoever, I"m hoping someone might have the ability to speak from suffer having ever lodged other in the throat and also having wheezing together a symptom?I have one more appointment through her ped ~ above thursday.