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QuestionSuppose girlfriend dissolve 0.1 moles of formic acid in 1 water. A. What are all of the molecules and ions friend would expect to find? b. Which among the above will be discovered in the greatest complete amount? c. Hich the the over will be uncovered in very small.

QuestionSuppose you have 1.00g that CO2 and 1.00 the SO2 in a container whose full pressure is 723 mmHg. What is the partial press of every gas? Hint: girlfriend will require to discover the mole of every gas and determine the fractional ingredient of CO2 and SO2 in this mixture..

QuestionSuppose you have 0.100 m3 the CO2, at pressure of 2.00 atm, and a temperature the 30.0 C. How numerous grams of CO2 perform you have? Express your answer in grams. Enter only a number value, do not enter units..

QuestionSuppose you had actually a mixture that 2.0 moles of methanol and 1.0 mol of ethanol at a continuous temperature. The vapor pressure of pure methanol at this temperature is 81 kPa and also the vapor push of pure ethanol is 45 kPa. What is the partial press attributed come ethanol in.

QuestionSuppose you extract heat from saturated heavy steam at 300 C start a heat exchanger in i m sorry the steam condenses and also leaves the heat exchanger as saturated liquid water at 90 C.(a) because that a total enthalpy change of H = mh = 44.700kJ/s what is the compelled mass flow rate of the steam?(b) What is.

QuestionSuppose you have a 250 mL glass pear containing an unknown lot of PCl3 gas. If the bulb has 1.5 atm of PCl3 at 25C, determine how much gas in grams is in the bulb..

QuestionSuppose friend had added a magnesium piece to all of the check tubes, i beg your pardon of the unknowns would have reacted? Write balanced chemical equations for all of them. Remember that your equations have to be balanced!Unknowns - barium chloride : BaCl2, sodium sulfate: Na2SO4, potassium iodide : KI, command (II) nitrate.

QuestionSuppose you have 12.00 mL of nitric acid, and also you carry out not know what it's concentration is. If girlfriend titrated it through a 0.233 M sodium hydroxide solution, and also it took 8.33 mL that the base to neutralize the acid. What was the concentration of the nitric acid? create the.

Question3. Choose the best reagent to convert 3-heptyne come trans-3-heptene?A) Na/NH3B) H2/PtC) H2/Lindlar's catalyst.

QuestionSuppose you decision you don't trust your lab mate's stock solution and want to consist of the 250 mM HEPES solution fresh. Describe this process. HEPES has actually a molar fixed of 238.30 g/mol..

QuestionSuppose you have a 250 mL buffer equipment containing 0.400 M nitrous acid and 0.400 M salt nitrite. You then add 50.0 mL of a 0.100 M NaOH solution. What is the last pH that the mechanism assuming that the buffer concentration to be at equilibrium before the base to be added..

QuestionSuppose you have a 10.00mL systems of H2A, a diprotic weak acid, which has actually a pka1 of 4.00 and a pka2 of 9.00. The officially concentration is 0.100M and it is titrated by 0.100M NaOH.(a) compose the two significant reactions during the titration. Find the two equivalence points.(b) because that each of the.

QuestionSuppose you discovered that the elution volume the the hemoglobin (molecular mass 64,000 daltons) was 7.5mL on your column and that the elution volume of a myoglobin molecule (molecular mass 17,000 daltons) waas 11.4mL. Calculation the approximate molecule mass of an unknown protein which had actually an elution volume the 9.0mL.

QuestionSuppose you have 50.0 cm3 of a substance with density of 44.0 g/L. Transform the volume from cubic centimeters to milliliters to liters, then recognize the fixed of the sample in grams. Also show the unit evaluation by dragging materials into the unit-factor slots below. The concern marks (?) represent.

QuestionSuppose you have actually a cube v mass the 16.0 g, with a sheet of length 2.0 cm. What is the thickness of the cube in g/ml. Enter only a numerical value, execute not get in units..

QuestionSuppose you have 1.00 l of an aqueous 1.00 M NaCl solution. Walk the NaCl concentration that the staying solution decrease, stay the same, or boost with the following changes?(Assume each adjust is done separately to the initial solution.)-Letting half of the water evaporate indigenous the solution -Adding an additional 1.00.

QuestionSuppose you have actually a 6M HCl solution and want to do 15 mL the 1.25 M HCl solution. Exactly how much 6M HCl is needed and also how much distilled water is used?.

QuestionSuppose you had actually standard .1000 M NaOH ,an indicator, such as phenolphthalein, an analytical balance, and also a micro-buret available. Define how you can determine the (apparent) purity of the para-nitrobenzoic acid you synthesized..

QuestionSuppose you have 4.85 g that powdered magnesium metal, 0.950 together of 2.00 M potassium nitrate solution, and also 0.950 together of 2.00 M silver nitrate solution.Part C: What volume of equipment is required to fully react v the magnesium?Part D: What is the molarity the the Mg2+ ions in the resulting.

QuestionSuppose you decision to define your own temperature range using the freezing point (13 C ) and also boiling suggest (360 C) of oleic acid, the main component that olive oil. If you set the freezing point of oleic acid as 0 C and also the boiling suggest as 110 C, what.

QuestionSuppose you had a large bottle of concentrated hydrochloric acid, 12.0M. How much the the focused hydrochloric acid would you need to use if you were to make 500mL that a 3.0M equipment of hydrochloric acid? 20.0 mL .

QuestionSuppose you had an unknown solution that contained either dissolved NaOH, NaCl, or NaNO. You included 4 fall of AgNO solution to 4 autumn of the unknown solution and observed that no heavy formed. What can be concluded around the unknown solution.a. It consists of NaOH.b. It includes NaCl.c. It contains.

Questionsuppose you have actually 100mL of every of the following solutions. In which will the many CaCO3 dissolve? a) 0.10M NaCl b) 0.10M Na2CO3 c) 0.10M NaOH d) 0.10M HCl .

QuestionSuppose you have actually a calorimeter that consists of 100.0 grams that water in ~ an initial press of 25 degrees Celsius. A salt (2.19 g, 0.020 moles) is liquified in the water, and also the final temp is 29 degrees Celsius. Calculation the standard warmth of solution and also determine whether dissolution was exothermic.

QuestionSuppose you have a 1.00 L systems with 0.429 moles of HF (Ka = 7.2*10-4). You have added 0.429 mole of NaOH come the solution. Identify the pH of solution after the NaOH has actually been added..

QuestionSuppose you have 1.00 together of an aqueous buffer containing 60.0 mmol acetic mountain (pKa = 4.76) and 40.0 mmol acetate. Calculate the pH of this buffer. What volume the 2.00 M NaOH would certainly be forced to rise the pH to 4.93?.

QuestionSuppose you have 25.00 mL the phosphoric acid, and also you carry out not know what it's concentration is. If you titrated it through a 0.733 M potassium hydroxide solution, and also it take it 39.50 mL the the basic to neutralize the acid. What to be the concentration that the phosphoric acid? compose the.

QuestionSuppose you have 100 mg of a sample liquified in 0.6 mL that water. The partition coefficient for this compound in water and also ether is 4.01. Calculate how much complete compound girlfriend would achieve with 3x0.2 mL extractions through ether.2. Calculate how much girlfriend would attain wiht 1 x 0.6.

QuestionSuppose you have actually 1.0L of a saturation Zn(OH)2 solution. How countless moles that Zn(OH)2 will precipitate when enough solid NaOH is added to provide a last concentration of 0.010M ? (Assume no volume change). The pH that a saturated systems of Zn(OH)2 in water is pH=8.65..

QuestionSuppose you have 12ml the nitric acid, and you dont know what it's concentration is. If friend titrated it through .233 M salt hydroxide solution, and it took 8.33 ml the the basic to neutralize the acid, what was the concentration of the nitric acid? create the Neutralization reaction, balance.

Question3. Saccharin is a weak necessary base through a Kb of 4.80 x 10 A 0.297-g sample the saccharin liquified in 25.0 mL the water has a pH that 12.190. What is the molar fixed of saccharin?.

QuestionSuppose you have 50.0 cm^3 that a substance with density of 46.0 g/L transform the volume indigenous cubic centimeters to millimeter to liters, then determine the fixed of the sample in grams. Also show the unit evaluation by dragging components into the unit-factor slot below. The concern marks (?) represent.

QuestionSuppose you have actually a 6M HCl solution on hand and want come prepare 15mL of a 1.25M HCl solution. Exactly how much 6M is needed? how much distilled water is used? show your work.

QuestionSuppose you had actually an analyte which is vulnerable to hydrolysis, oxidation and reacts with many of the organic solvents. Describe which sample preparation an approach you would pick to isolate this analyte type a natural product matrix (tree bark)..

Questionsuppose you have 125.0 ml that 0.400 M NaCl solution. This is as well salty, so you dilute it by including another 50.0 ml that water. What is the new concentration that NaCl in systems of molarity.

Question3. Rate and Temperature space non-linear relation however Arrhenius found an equation i m sorry shows straight relation in between log k (k= rate constant) and 1/T (T = reaction temperature in kelvin). Create the Arrhenius equation. What is Ea in this equation?.

QuestionSuppose you have 4.75g of powdered magnesium metal, 1.10L of 2.00M potassium nitrate solution, and also 1.10L of 2.00M silver nitrate solution.(a) Which one of the remedies will react through the magnesium powder?(b) What is the net ionic equation that explains this reaction? Express your answer together a chemical equation. Identify all of the phases in your.

QuestionSuppose you have 4.75g of powdered magnesium metal, 1.10L of 2.00M potassium nitrateChemistry

QuestionSuppose you generate the adhering to spectroscopic data because that two various concentrations the a solution. What is the slope of the line developed by this points? What is the y-intercept? What is the concentration of a systems with an absorbance that 0.371 ? M.

QuestionSuppose you have actually a 50.00ml the 0.0100 M chloroacetic acid solution, HC_2H_2O_2CI. K_a=1.40 times 10^-3. What is the early pH because that this solution? What is the equivalence point pH if the chloroacetic acid was titrated through 0.0100M NaOH?.

QuestionSuppose you have a bucket the sand comprise 6.5 billion seed of sand (6.5 x 10^9 grains). Many of the seed of sand space white, however there are some brown grains combined evenly throughout.If the concentration of brown sand is 2.0%, how numerous grains that brown sand are in the.

QuestionSuppose you had 1.00 mole that pennies (each penny has actually a thickness the 0.059 inches} and you stack them one of top of each various other to make a an extremely tall pile. You collection off from the bottom the the heap in a space craft that have the right to travel in ~ the speed.

QuestionSuppose you had actually to keep your solution in between laboatory periods, but forget come stopper your melting tube (once you have actually weighed everything yet have not yet measured the second freezing point). Would certainly your calculated molar mass be better than, less,than, or the exact same as the exactly molar mass? Prove this.

QuestionSuppose you have a cylindrical glass tube with a thin capillary opening and you great to determine the diameter of the opening. You deserve to do this through weighing the glass tube before and also after that is filled v liquid mercury. Making use of the adhering to information, calculation the diameter that the capillary.

QuestionSuppose you have 100.0 mL that a 1.000m HCl (aq) solution and 100.0 mL that a 1.000m NaOH (aq) solution, i beg your pardon are mixed at 25 degreesC. Suspect volumes are additive, what will certainly be the boiling allude of the resulting solution? (Kb because that water is 0.512 degreesC/m).

QuestionSuppose you had actually solutions 1 M in Hg(NO3)2 and Na2S available. Ksp HgS=1.6x10-34. What is the highest E friend could achieve with a Hg-Hg2+ concentration cell? What would certainly be the constituents of each half cell? overlook the truth that S2- hydrolyzes generally in water.

QuestionSuppose you have a party of aqueous systems labeled "53.4(+or- 0.4)% (wt/wt)NaOH whose thickness is 1.52(+or- 0.01) g/ml".A) How numerous ml that 53.4% NaOH are needed to prepare 2.000 l of 0.169 M NaOH?B) If the hesitation in carrying the NaOH is (+or- 0.10 ml), calculate the absolute apprehension in.

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QuestionSuppose you have actually 1.00 together of an aqueous buffer containing 60.0 mmol benzoic acid (pKa = 4.20) and also 40.0 mmol benzoate.pH of buffer= 4.023What volume of 4.50 M NaOH would certainly be compelled to boost the pH come 4.93? .