1a : a heat (as the rope or chain) whereby an pet is fastened so as to restrict its variety of motion

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b : a heat to which someone or miscellaneous is enclosed (as for security) A crewman can clip the tether of his exploit to the and also leave that clipped as he provides his means forward and aft.— Michael A. Blacksmith
tethered; tethering\ ˈte-​t͟h(ə-​)riŋ
Recent examples on the Web: Noun The pies space symbolic and tasty tether to his job in the nation of Islam and date earlier to the 1930s, once Elijah Muhammad told pendant to stick come a healthy and balanced diet and promoted eating marine beans. — Los Angeles Times, 17 Sep. 2021 The creator had no tie to any future sale or usage of the work, no ownership or tether to claim whatsoever. — Nicole Gull Mcelroy, Fortune, 13 Sep. 2021 Slicing through the tether could reason the tongue to fall ago into the throat, obstructing the airway throughout sleep. — Christina Szalinski, The Atlantic, 12 Sep. 2021 Cora, ours Lab/blue heeler, stayed perched ~ above the only dry bag that was not floating ~ above a rope tether. — Ned Rozell, Anchorage everyday News, 11 Sep. 2021 every crypto currencies, including bitcoin and tether, room not fiat currency and also cannot it is in circulated on the market, the People’s financial institution of China said on the website. — Time, 24 Sep. 2021 The massed crowds room a sign that plenty of Americans -- especially the young -- have come to the end of your tether with Covid-19 constraints -- even as the pandemic hits historical levels in some states. — Stephen Collinson, CNN, 8 Sep. 2021 ~ all, the world best-selling smartwatch is quiet a companion an equipment that needs a tether to a smartphone. — kris Smith, BGR, 25 Aug. 2021 Cheaper tether-free headsets favor the Oculus search 2, top top the other hand, have made serious strides in bringing virtual truth to the reluctant gaming masses. — Mitch Wallace, Forbes, 31 Aug. 2021 Recent examples on the Web: Verb The climb of a black color gang led by Harold McBrayer (Leslie Odom Jr.), an combine of Dickie’s, difficulties the family’s organize on the neighborhood, but again, yes sir not enough time to tether the human beings in a cohesive story. — Lorraine Ali television Critic, Los Angeles Times, 30 Sep. 2021 The move can tether the Ocmulgee river corridor’s numerous natural resources, such together Bond Swamp nationwide Wildlife Refuge, with a southerly terminus in Hawkinsville. — Stephanie Vermillion, Condé Nast Traveler, 22 Sep. 2021 one unexpected enhancement is a bill Abbott vetoed in June the banned the use of heavy chains come tether dogs outside and made the unlawful restraint that a dog a criminal offense. — Robert T. Garrett, Dallas News, 7 Sep. 2021 special, Apple’s VR headset will need to wirelessly tether to allow its most progressed features. — Jacob Siegal, BGR, 2 Sep. 2021 something is possible—and any type of violence justifiable—for this misunderstood person with no connections to tether him and also nothing left come lose. — Jordan Kisner, The Atlantic, 19 Apr. 2021 The people who love you are here to help tether you to reality now. — Tarot Astrologers, chicagotribune.com, 15 Aug. 2021 The bill, which passed in late may with broad bipartisan support in both chambers, would have actually banned the use of heavy chains to tether dogs and also made the unlawful restraint of a dog a criminal offense. — Emily Caldwell, Dallas News, 22 June 2021 these meals would certainly tether Zauner to her korean heritage. — Mayukh Sen, The Atlantic, 21 Apr. 2021

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First well-known Use the tether


14th century, in the definition defined at sense 1a


15th century, in the an interpretation defined above

History and Etymology because that tether


center English tethir, teder, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old norseman tjōthr tether; akin to Old High German zeotar pole the a wagon