Frankfurt Parliament, 1848–49, nationwide assembly convened at Frankfurt on might 18, 1848, together a result of the liberal revolution that swept the German states early in 1848. The parliament was dubbed by a preliminary assembly the German for free in Mar., 1848, and its members were chosen by straight manhood suffrage. They stood for the whole political spectrum and included the foremost German numbers of the time. The chairman of the parliament was Heinrich von Gagern. Its objective was to setup the marriage of Germany. Having actually suspended (June, 1848) the diet the the German Confederation, the assembly appointed Archduke man of Austria regent of Germany and head of the provisional (and basically nonexistent) executive power. If the parliament to be lengthily debating miscellaneous schemes that union, it to be diverted native its purpose by the war with Denmark over the Schleswig-Holstein question; the parliament i was delegated Prussia to send troops to help the duchies, yet finally accepted (Sept., 1848) an armistice. The resumed deliberations on unification, however conflict amongst the traditionally separate German states, notably Austria and also Prussia, made progress difficult. In the during the revolutionary motion was suppressed, and the very basis that the Frankfurt assembly destroyed. At last, in Mar., 1849, the parliament adopted a commonwealth constitution of the German states, excluding Austria, with a parliamentary government and also a hereditary emperor. Frederick wilhelm IV the Prussia was chosen emperor but refused to accept the crown from a popularly chosen assembly and the whole scheme foundered. Many of the to represent withdrew and the remainder were dispersed. Frederick wilhelm attempted to instead of a union system of his own, but his efforts were smothered by Austria v the contract of Olmütz (1850), which revived the German Confederation. The structure drafted by the Frankfurt Parliament affected that that the north German Confederation in 1866, specifically in providing straight suffrage.

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