How would you characterize Mr. Shiftlet and also Mrs. Crater and her daughter, Lucynell, in "The Life friend Save may Be her Own"?

Mr. Shiftlet is true come his name: shifty, amoral, and also selfish, the tricks Mrs. Crater into offering him a automobile in exchange because that marrying she daughter. Mrs. Crater is practically as rotten as Mr. Shiftlet and treats she daughter choose a bartering tool. Lucynell is the just innocent personality at the story. Both she mother and also Mr. Shiftlet take advantage of her since she"s holy ghost handicapped. In the end, Mr. Shiftlet abandons she at a restaurant referred to as The warm Spot.

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Mr. Shiftlet: He have the right to be defined as apathetic, shrewd, amoral, and devious. Mr. Shiftlet is an astute judge of person nature. He knows just how to manipulate someone"s emotions because that his very own benefit. In the story, Mr. Shiftlet is effective at acquiring what he wants since he understands Mrs. Crater"s motivations.


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Mr. Shiftlet: He have the right to be identified as apathetic, shrewd, amoral, and also devious. Mr. Shiftlet is an astute referee of person nature. That knows exactly how to manipulate someone"s emotions for his very own benefit. In the story, Mr. Shiftlet is effective at gaining what that wants due to the fact that he understands Mrs. Crater"s motivations.

Mr. Shiftlet does no shrink from making use of every weapon in ~ his disposal to manipulate the old woman; that flatters her and also disarms her v his faux "boy-next-door" persona. When Mrs. Crater speak him that she can"t pay him for any work he performs, that doesn"t argue with her. Instead, he deflects she attention v the cryptic statement the "there"s some guys that some points mean much more to them 보다 money."

In fact, Mr. Shiftlet diverts Mrs. Crater"s scrutiny with a perform of inquiries that all at once irritates and also fascinates her. Together a shrewd judge of human nature, Mr. Shiftlet understands that the old woman is encouraged by both self-preservation and also maternal love. His perceptive observations enable him to tailor his indigenous accordingly: he does not argue as soon as Mrs. Crater tells him Lucynell is much more valuable 보다 a "casket the jewels" and he manufactures deep joy at every indigenous the old woman speaks. That ingratiates self to Mrs. Crater and eventually obtains what he yes, really wants: a vehicle for himself.

Mrs. Crater: She is opinionated, cantankerous, and also greedy. Mrs. Crater imagines it s her world-wise and shrewd. Both Mrs. Crater and Mr. Shiftlet share comparable traits. There is crucial difference, however. Mrs. Crater loves she daughter dearly, while Mr. Shiftlet shows up to harbor no affection because that anyone. In the story, Mrs. Crater is mainly encouraged by her desire to watch Lucynell cleared up before she dies. She love for her daughter is she Achilles heel, so to speak. However, she avaricious nature gets the much better of her, and she fails to discern Mr. Shiftlet"s true intentions.

Mrs. Crater incorrectly assumes the her assumptions about her daughter are shared by Mr. Shiftlet. This contributes to her downfall at the hands of the duplicitous con man. In ~ the finish of the story, we find that Mrs. Crater has been defrauded, v Lucynell no closer to being secure in life than prior to Mr. Shiftlet verified up.

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Lucynell: She is the only innocent in the story. Because of her psychological disability, Lucynell cannot discern Mr. Shiftlet"s true motivations for marrying her. Her trusting nature leads she to abide by decisions made on she account. Lucynell is dependent, powerless, and untarnished through the baser human being emotions. She innocence provides Mr. Shiftlet"s actions all the much more heinous in comparison.