What is CGI? What are the defect of an design using CGI scripts?What is the difference between a net server and also an applications server? What use do typical application servers provide?When is one XML document well-formed? once is one XML paper valid?

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1. CGI stands for typical Gateway interface . It is one of the standard methods for generating dynamic materials on web pages. It uses customer server architecture to supply content at any time requested. The script written utilizing CGI conventional is called a CGI script. Main Disadvantages of an design using CGI scripts (a). CGI is understood hence every time the manuscript is called there is some handling involed which boosts overhead. (b). CGI is slow-moving (c). CGI demands to dynamically create and destroy totality page which boosts overhead (d). CGI applications space platform-dependent 2. Difference between Web Server and Application server (a). Web servers are specifically designed to serve http contents only yet application servers room not minimal to http, castle can also serve various other protocols such together ftp, rmi, rpc, etc. (b). Internet servers normally serve static content. Scripts are there the can assist serve dynamic content. Application servers deserve to serve streaming media also. (c). Applications server can serve as net server as net server is normally an integral component of applications server. (d). Instance of web server is Apache Tomcat and also Example for application server is Oracle WebLogic usability of a usual application server application servers are generally servers that expose business logic to customer applications through miscellaneous protocols. They have the right to be provided to serve web based applications, companies based application or what ever before their company demands. They allow delivery of...

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ious applications to different devices from the exact same machine. Over there are numerous different varieties of applications servers like Java applications server, .NET server, PHP application Servers, etc. 3. Well-formed XML file XML stands for expanded Mark-up Language . It has well defined syntax rules. XML has actually various specifications. A well-formed XML document is on the adheres come the syntax rules stated by XML 1.0 specification (both physical and also logical structures). Its content have to be defined, delimited with a beginning and end tab and properly nested (parents within roots, kids within parents). Because that the XML to it is in well-formed, rule must also be established about the declaration and also treatment the entities. Every Tags in XML are instance sensitive, with features delimited with quotation marks. In various other words, a Well-formed XML file conforms come the design goals that XML. Key Syntax rules noted in XML specification (a). Only properly encoded legitimate Unicode characters can be supplied (b). No Special personalities such as