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The absent number in the collection 1, 4, 27,____, 3125 is: 0 votes

The missing number in the collection 1, 4, 27,____, 3125 is:

sequence-seriesaskedFeb 19, 2014in ALGEBRA 1by dkinzApprentice

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Given series is 1,4,27,_,3125

The pattern of given series is 1^1,2^2,3^3,4^4,5^5.

Now the series is 1,4,27,256,3125.

Missing number is 256.

answeredFeb 19, 2014by dozeyMentor you re welcome log in or it is registered to add a comment. 0 votes

1 = 1, or 1 to the 1st power

2 = 2×2, or 2 to the second power

27 = 3×3×3, or 3 to the3rd power

3125 = 5×5×5×5×5, or 5 to the5th power

Looks choose the absent number is 4 come the 4th power, 4×4×4×4=256

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