Learn the National an answer Framework guiding principles, straightforward premise and an ext information to assist with emergency response.

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A basic premise the the National solution Framework is that occurrences are typically handled at the lowest jurisdictional level possible.

At the bottom that this article, we offer actual inquiries from the final Exam the the NIMS food IS-800 B National response Framework, one Introduction. But what is the National response Framework (NRF)? The National solution Framework is a “companion document” come the nationwide Incident administration System or NIMS. In the complying with sections, we present guiding principles and a straightforward premise the the National response Framework.

As countless of girlfriend know, NIMS was developed by the room of Homeland security to improve coordination in between incident responders. For a refresher on NIMS, you have the right to take our NIMS IS-700.A quiz!

FEMA describes the distinction between NIMS and the National solution Framework (NRF) choose this:

“While NIMS gives the layout for the management of incidents regardless of size, limit or cause, the NRF gives the structure and mechanisms for national level plan of occurrence response… A simple premise that the National solution Framework is that incidents are generally handled in ~ the lowest jurisdictional level possible.”

While some may think “national level” means only government officials can acquire value the end of NRF, FEMA draft the NRF because that emergency monitoring practitioners and leaders in the private-sector and also nongovernmental establishments (NGO) as well as government executives.

Below we offer a quick overview that the course before the quiz at the bottom. If you’re a NIMS veteran and just desire to test your knowledge, feel free to skip come the quiz! If you acquire stumped, you can try finding info that reveals few of the final exam answer below.

What is The National an answer Framework?

The National solution Framework describes an essential principles, roles and structures in one all-hazards emergency response, including exactly how communities, federal government entities, the private and also public sectors coordinate your response.

The National response Framework concentrates on response and short-term recovery rather of every one of the phases of event management.


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A video from IS-800 B National solution Framework, an Introduction explains come students:

“Building on the national Incident administration System (NIMS), the Framework’s coordinating structures align key roles and responsibilities fostering an answer partnerships at all levels the government, and also with nongovernmental organizations and also the personal sector. Offered its flexibility and scalability, the National an answer Framework is always in effect and also elements can be imposed at any kind of level and at any type of time.”

National response Framework Guiding Principles

The framework presents the guiding ethics that enable all solution partners come prepare for and carry out a unified national solution to disasters and emergencies – from the smallest occurrence to the biggest catastrophe. The five an essential principles that the framework are detailed below.

Engaged partnership: leader at every levels align solution goals and also capabilities.Tiered Response: occurrences should be controlled at the lowest feasible jurisdictional level and also supported as soon as needed. A straightforward premise of the National an answer Framework is that cases are usually handled in ~ the lowest jurisdictional level possible. Occurrences begin and also end locally. And most incidents are controlled entirely at the local level. Scalable, flexible and also adaptable operational capabilities.Unity of initiative through combined command. unity of effort respects the chain the command of every participating organization while harnessing seamless coordination across jurisdictions in assistance of usual objectives.Readiness come act. that is our cumulative duty to respond as efficiently as possible.

Who must Take National solution Framework, one Introduction?


As mentioned above, the NRF course is designed for private-sector and nongovernmental organization leaders, emergency management practitioners and government executives. There space no prerequisites necessary.

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In general, everyone affiliated in emergency administration should take the NIMS baseline process (IS-700 and also ICS-100). The nationwide Integration center (NIC) recommends that individuals with a command and general staff role take progressed courses.

After perfect the food National response Framework, an Introduction you must understand and also be able to explain the following:

The objective of the National response Framework and also its solution doctrineThe roles and responsibilities of response partnersThe actions supporting national responseThe solution organizations supplied for multiagency coordination

The National an answer Framework Exam

Below is a short quiz that offers real inquiries from the National solution Framework, an Introduction final Exam. If you obtain a great score ~ above this, you might also take the final Exam (you need at the very least a 75 percent from FEMA to pass). Enjoy!