To to compare pressure problems from one location to another, meteorologists correct pressure to sea-level conditions (referred come as relative pressure, or push relative to sea-level).

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Because the air push decreases as you rise in altitude, the sea-level corrected push (the pressure your place would be in ~ if located at sea-level) is higher than your measured press if girlfriend live over sea-level and also lower than your measured push if friend live below sea-level.

The adhering to is the absolute push lapse price as a role of altitude for standard day conditions:


Relative pressure is the atmospheric press corrected to sea-level conditions.

To compare pressure problems from one place to another, meteorologists exactly the measured press (referred come as pure pressure) to sea-level conditions. Since the air push decreases as you increase in altitude, the sea-level corrected pressure (the pressure your ar would be at if situated at sea-level) is higher than her measured push if girlfriend live above sea-level and lower than your measured pressure if girlfriend live below sea-level.

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Relative push is bigger than absolute push unless you live in ~ or below sea-level.

You can check your neighborhood airport’s push here:

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