A typical the a triangle is a heat segment drawn from a vertex to the midpoint that the opposite next of the vertex.


The medians the a triangle are concurrent at a point. The suggest of concurrency is dubbed the centroid.



In the number shown, together N = 14 units, N K = 22 units, and K l = 34 units. If K M ¯ is a average of the triangle, uncover the size of together M ¯ .


The fact that K M ¯ is a typical tells us that M need to be a midpoint that together N ¯ . So, to find together M , every we need to do is division together N by 2 .

l M = 14 2 = 7 devices

keep in mind that this problem gives us a pair of piece of irregularity information. Us don"t need to understand the values of N K and K l .

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