ITV’s greatest talent show, Britain’s gained Talent, has actually been to run for practically a te now! us can’t believe it either…

With humble beginnings ago in 2007, in the heyday of The X Factor, anyone wondered ‘Why one more talent show?’.

But because the display started, so many of our most-loved musical and talent acts now made their first public illustration on the BGT stage.

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And with the hilarious evaluate panel, consisted of of so countless famous faces over the years – consisting of Piers Morgan, David Hasselhoff, Kelly Brook (yes we forgot Kelly too!) and also David Walliams – us hope it never ever ends!

In honour of it (almost!) being BGT’s 10th birthday, we made decision to look back at every the finest acts and see wherein they room now:

1. Perri Kiely native Diversity

Image: Instagram/Jordan BanjoHow could anyone forget the loveable Perri, who was the star the the Diversity dance troope in the 2008 series of BGT? He’s absolutely looking different now, yet he’s still utilizing his dance move to bring him success.

Straight after the show, Perri went on to tour nationwide, then appeared in films such as the successful Streetdance franchise.

In 2014, Perri won the 2nd series of Splash! and also he has actually done numerous TV presenting and also hosting, including Nickelodeon Kids choice Awards. It was announced that he will be hosting the ceremony for 2016 as well.

2. Connie Talbot


Connie instantly winner over both the judges and also the public through her irresitable charm and great voice. ~ BGT finished, Connie was supposed to authorize a contract v Sony yet the brand pulled out of the deal as result of her period at the time. Piers Morgan later said that Connie’s entry come the talent dispute was why others such together Faryl and also George Sampson go on to enter.

Since leaving the display Connie has got most fame and also notoriety in the much East, coming to be a YouTube to sing sensation in Asia with over 380 million views on her videos. In 2010, at just 10 year old, she opened up a concert to celebrate the G20 summit of civilization leaders in south Korea.

Connie later performed to her largest-ever audience ~ above Chinese state TV during the 2011 Chinese new Year, and was explained as one ‘icon’ in those countries. Connie is quiet making albums and also releasing music.

3. Megan McKenna

You probably recognise Megan from truth shows Celebrity large Brother and The Only way is Essex, but if you actors your mind earlier to 2009, you’ll recall the she actually started her career on BGT together one half of girl team Harmony, v schoolfriend Demi. Here’s their first audition to refresh her memory…

The girls made it all the means to the live finals, however sadly didn’t victory a place at the imperial Variety. Nowadays, she’s juggling her TV job-related with a relationship with TOWIE co-star Pete Wicks.

4. Aidan Davis

Image: Aidan Davis/InstagramDo girlfriend remember this tiny chap native the 2009 series of Britain’s obtained Talent?

Back then adorable Aidan wowed the judges, the audience and also the viewers at home with his complicated dance moves to companion Flo Rida’s track Low. The finished fifth in the collection that carried us Susan Boyle and Diversity.

Fast forward seven years and also it looks prefer Aidan is all grown up, and, challenge we speak it… the 18-year-old is yes, really quite good looking! top top Aidan’s Instagram the fact TV star reveals that he’s currently working top top music therefore we expect there’s nothing left come do various other than watch this space!

5. Ronan Parke

Image: Ronan Parke/InstagramRonan was just a baby-faced 12-year-old when he auditioned because that Britain’s acquired Talent in 2011. At the moment he stunned the 2500 civilization in the audience with a near-perfect rendition of Feeling good and even had a was standing ovation indigenous the judges!

He only simply missed the end on the winner’s spot, if friend remember, to Jai MCdowall.

Now he’s 17 and doesn’t that look great? He’s definitely a stylish chap. Ronan has actually a huge social media adhering to who call themselves ‘Ronanators’. The young singer has been concentrating ~ above his music since his time on the show.

6. Faryl Smith


Unlike many other finalists Faryl go not authorize a address Simon Cowell’s record label in ~ the finish of the show, and also instead signed a £2.3 million address Universal documents – apparently the largest ever for a schoolgirl!

Faryl released her first album in in march 2009 and also then an additional in November 2009 – saying that she was ‘surprised however pleased’ they want to do another so quickly. She is still performing publicly and also even sang a concert at Wembley in 2015!

7. Shaheen Jafargholi


Shaheen is earlier on our screens after a 7 year break, since he first appeared ~ above the ITV talent present in 2009.

Now Shaheen is on BBC One appearing in EastEnders, as brand-new character Shaki. The 19 year old will be in the soap because that the near future, however producers have not confirmed exactly how numerous episodes viewers should expect.

Since BGT Shaheen likewise had the honour that performing in ~ Michael Jackson’s memorial service, after ~ the pop legend invited him on his tour, however sadly he died prior to it can happen.

8. Hollie Steel


We right recognised Hollie Steel seven years on native her an initial Britain’s obtained Talent audition – hasn’t she grown up fast?! The then-10-year-old singer very first took to the stage in 2009 dressed as most tiny girls – in she favourite ballerina outfit. However, she operatic voice was well beyond her years.

But Hollie prompted serious questions around having children in talent reflects after she later damaged down ~ above stage, forgetting she words and also having to it is in comforted by Amanda Holden.

It didn’t organize her earlier though, as she do it come the last to finish 3rd behind Diversity and also Susan Boyle.

Since leaving the present Hollie has continued to sing and also released one album in 2010 under the moniker ‘Hollie stole Music’. The teen currently performs famous YouTube consist of of popular music songs including Justin Bieber and also Whitney Houston.

9. Paul Potts


Paul Potts was the initial star that Britain’s got Talent – the confront that placed the TV show on the map. Together the winner the the first ever series, back in 2007, Paul to be a classic case of underdog turned to sing sensation.

You could remember that prior to auditioning because that BGT Paul was a manager in ~ The Carphone Warehouse shop in Bridgend, Wales. ~ his success that performed in front of Queen Elizabeth in ~ the Royal variety Show and went on to claim the number one spot in the UK Album Chart v his debut document One Chance.

Fast front to 2016 and Paul’s life has actually been adjusted into a film, i m sorry stars comedian James Corden together the command role. Not negative for a phone salesman!

10. George Sampson


Everyone remembers George Sampson – the cheeky chappy who won the 2nd series the Britain’s got Talent in may 2008 at the tender age of 14. Through his amazing dance moves to Mint Royale’s ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, i m sorry shot come number one in the UK in the subsequent weeks, the general public were won over.

George is now 22 years old and also has relocated away indigenous dancing and also into acting – involvement the actors of Waterloo roadway in 2011 for a pair of series. We will certainly be seeing much more of George on our displays as he has actually now do the move ago to ITV come star in Emmerdale starting in January 2016.

11. Stavros Flatley


How can anyone forget around Stavros Flatley? The Greek father-son duo consists of 45-year-old Demetrios and also his boy Michalakis ‘Lagi’ Andreas – who is currently 16 year old! prior to the show they owned a Greek restaurant where Demetrios would certainly entertain guests with his superior dancing.

While the pair did execute on the Royal selection Show in 2012 and also have retained up your dancing off-screen, castle haven’t really stayed in the spotlight and also just dance for private events, weddings, festivals and also charity functions.

12. Rosie O’Sullivan


Since her appearance ~ above BGT in 2013 Rosie has made the biggest revolution out of all our BGT stars – shedding an outstanding 16 stone in load after undergoing serious weight-loss surgery.

Rosie from the West Midlands, who operated in Co-op, was praised by the judges for she beautiful voice and also went through to the semi-finals the the competition.

But doctors were worried around her unhealthy BMI and also the result on her health and wellness so Rosie make the decision to experience a life-changing operation. She had a had actually a gastric sleeve fitted at Spire little Aston hospital because she admitted diets had never operated for her. She currently weighs 13 stone and has actually a healthy and balanced BMI.

Rosie is currently studying part-time at the London university of Music.

13. Charlie Wernham


You may remember Charlie as the pint-sized comedian from the 2008 series of BGT? Although all the judges agreed his joke were damaging – he gained resounding ‘yes’ votes from everyone. Beginning his comedy program at the age of eight (with a tiny help indigenous his dad) it to be no surprised that Charlie go on to do a career out of it.

Since leaving BGT he has made regular appearances in mirrors such together E4’s Inbetweeners and also School the Comedy. The is now 21 and also stars in Jack Whitehall’s bad Education, and also playing troublemaker Robbie Roscoe in Hollyoaks.

14. Susan Boyle


Susan Boyle is conveniently the most recognisable face from the decade-long series of Britain’s acquired Talent – the Scottish singer who silenced the crowds at her audition v her rendition that ‘I dreamed a dream’ from Les Miserables.

Towards the finish of the show, Susan struggled come cope with her overnight fame and returned come her residence in Blackburn to live through her two cats. In October 2014 she released her sixth album, Hope. The album invested 35 weeks at #1 on the Billboard top Inspirational Albums chart.

Since the 2014 relax she has not made any more music yet Fox to buy life legal rights to Susan Boyle along with rights to the musical ns Dreamed a Dream. A biopic movie (similar to Paul Potts) is likewise in the pipeline.

15. Molly Rainford

Molly Rainford was simply 11 once she completed on Britain’s got Talent in 2009.

She wowed the judges v her rendition that One Night only at the time, however was beaten come the winning point out by dancing duo Ashleigh and Pudsey.

Being knocked the end of the finals didn’t protect against this small pop princess though, as she to be snapped up by Sony that are currently funding her training in ~ Sylvia Young Theatre college in London. She’s in great company, a entirety host that celebs have actually trained in ~ the famous school, including Rita Ora and Billie Piper.

Despite the truth that she’s still studying Molly has a busy professional life too. She currently presents CBBC display the Friday Download and also releases songs on she social media networks during her ‘spare time’, v plans to launch she music career permanent after she completes she GCSEs.

16. Michael Collings


Michael wowed everyone through his cover of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ back in 2011. With his amazing acoustic guitar solo, he was an evident talent and came 5th with 7.7% that the nation’s votes. The went ~ above the BGT nationwide tourism after the display ended.

In 2013 the made one appeal for funds to document an album together he still had actually not to be signed by a record label. That remarked that he gotten in the present to gain a much better life for his son, but after the show ended he stated the press on his relationships supposed he wouldn’t execute it again if offered the chance.

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Michael has actually so far released one EP ‘It’s not you’ and it’s obtainable for download top top iTunes. His initial audition has over 30 million views on YouTube.

17. Ashleigh and Pudsey


Ashleigh and also Pudsey were the very first animal action to win the ITV vain – to win over also Simon Cowell who claimed Pudsey was the ‘best dancing dog’ that had ever seen!