once neuron animations are displayed, there are generally seen neurons, axons arranged in a lattice through a the majority of empty space between. I"m interested if over there is undoubtedly empty space in the brain, or if that is filled through some type of fluid? I"ve checked an write-up on cerebrospinal fluid but am not certain that it is current all throughout the brain.

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The reason I"m questioning is the I"m thinking of neurotransmitters- they room released in synapses, yet I"m not sure how they remain there - room they rely in part liquid as well?

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Not therefore empty, actually.

The human brain has a mass of ~1.5kg, and also volume ~1200cc (a small bigger because that men, a little smaller for women). So is heavier than water through a great margin.

While it has actually Cerebrospinal fluid, that just occupies the subarachnoid an are (the an are below the skull and over the cortex, contained in between two layers: pia matter and also arachnoid membrane) and the ventricular mechanism (several spaces inside the brain, remnants the the embryological advancement of the brain).

Neuron thickness may vary widely, depending largely on the details characteristics the neuron cell varieties and your interconnections. But besides neurons, there"s a lot of of framework inside the brain. For example:

Astroglia: They space a kind of glial cells which get involved in the development of the blood-brain obstacle (supporting the endothelial cells), nourishing the neurons, maintain of ion and also neurotransmitter concentrations, among others. They likewise keep in ar most of the tissue.Microglia: tiny cells v immune (phagocitic) functions inside the brain.Radial glia: A more devoted precursor cell, that likewise participates in neuronal migrate in the brain.Oligodendrocites: cell responsible for the insulation (myelination) of axons.Neuroepithelial cells: The stem cell in the brain.

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Neuroglia, which consists of the very first four cell species above, accounts because that ~90% of organization in human mind (http://classes.yellowcomic.com.ucsd.edu/bipn140.WI13/documents/Gliamorethanjustbrainglue.pdf).

About the last component of her question, the synaptic cleft (the space between pre-synaptic and also post-synaptic neurons) is a braided solution: water v high concentration that sodium and also chloride ion (and additionally calcium ions, neurotransmitters and also a lot of more). This ion concentrations are an essential to the generation of activity potentials, neural signaling, and the general dynamics of the brain.