Do you have trouble spelling? might you use aid choosing words sometimes? room you a bad typist? If so, don't it is in worried. PowerPoint provides you with several proofing features the will help you develop a professional, error-free presentation. In this lesson, you will certainly learn around proofing in PowerPoint, including exactly how to use the spelling tool in miscellaneous ways.

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Proofing features

Download the instance to work in addition to the video.

To use the spelling inspect feature:Right-click the underlined word. A food selection will appear.Select the correct spelling of words from the listed suggestions.Left-click the word. That will show up in the document.

You can pick to Ignore one underlined word, include it to the dictionary, or walk to the Spelling dialog box.

To include a word to the dictionary:Right-click the underlined word. A food selection will appear.Select Add come Dictionary.

Once the word is added to the dictionary, it will certainly not show up underlined as soon as it is offered again.

Proofing features

To spell examine the whole presentation:Select the Review tab.Click the Spelling command in the Proofing group. A dialog box will certainly appear.


Decide whether you desire to ignore words or change it.If you want to ignore the word, click Ignore, or click Ignore All to neglect all instances of the word.If you want to change the word, select the correct spelling native the Suggestions list.Click Change, or click Change All to adjust all instances that the word.

Continue with the order check process until the whole presentation is checked. A dialog box will show up letting you recognize the presentation has actually been checked.Click OK.

There are added buttons in the order dialog box. Because that example, friend can include a word to the dictionary, near the dialog box, and also look for other suggestions.

Other proofing commands

The Proofing group has four various other commands.

Research: This opens a task pane ~ above the right side the the PowerPoint window. Indigenous here, you have the right to search dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other material for info on a selected native or phrase. Thesaurus: This opens a research study task pane through the thesaurus device selected. You can use the thesaurus to identify words that have actually a similar an interpretation to one more word.Translate: This opens up a research study task pane through the translation device selected. This device translates message from one language to another.Language: This opens up a dialog box wherein you can collection the language the PowerPoint spelling device will use to examine presentations.

Proofing options

In addition to proofing tools on the review tab, there are proofing options you can collection in her PowerPoint choices dialog box.

To accessibility your proofing PowerPoint options:Click the Microsoft Office button.Click PowerPoint Options. The dialog box will appear.
From here, girlfriend can edit the proofing alternatives that will determine exactly how proofing functions operate in PowerPoint.
Click OK as soon as you room finished editing and enhancing your proofing options.


Use the Workshop presentation or any type of other PowerPoint presentation you pick to complete this challenge.

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Use the Spelling command to examine the order of your presentation.If there were no misspelled words in the presentation, create a new presentation.Insert number of slides, and enter text. Spell part words incorrectly.Practice making use of the spelling inspect tool.Explore the various other proofing commands.