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every one of these are provides of GIS.

help fight wildfires.

plan metropolitan development.

monitor flood peril areas.

All of this are provides of GIS.

Which that the adhering to most correctly characterizes the score of geography?

a. Memorization the the imports and also exports of a country

b. Memorization the the surname of places on human being and local maps

c. The manufacturing of maps.

d. Knowledge why a certain place has distinct characteristics.

e. The manufacturing of maps, memorization that the names of areas on people and local maps and memorization of the imports and exports the a country

Which of the adhering to is an example of a system?

a river drainage container

a midlatitude cyclonic storm

a sheet

All of these are examples of systems.

None of these are instances of systems.

With respect to air, water, and material resources, which of the complying with is true?

A sheet is an open system.

A leaf is an open system in regards to air, yet closed in state of product resources.

A sheet is a closed system.

A leaf is one open device in terms of water, however closed in state of energy resources.

If we burn fossil fuels, which relax carbon dioxide and warm the atmosphere, as the oceans warmth they will release much more carbon dioxide, i m sorry warms the atmosphere. This is an instance of __________ feedback. If the increased atmospheric carbon dioxide reasons increased plant expansion which removes carbon dioxide and cools the atmosphere, this is an instance of __________ feedback.

negative; optimistic

positive; positive

positive; an adverse

negative; negative

According to the text, the three inorganic (non­living, abiotic) earth realms space the

atmosphere, geoid, and also homosphere.

stratosphere, magnetosphere, and also troposphere.

thermosphere, lithosphere, heterosphere.

hydrosphere, lithosphere, and also atmosphere.

The realization the the planet was a sphere

was made by Isaac Newton.

had to wait until the contemporary era (1800s).

was very first made through Pythagoras, 580­500 B.C. Did not take place in Europe until the an initial voyages of Columbus

was very first made by Pythagoras, 580­500 B.C. Did not happen in Europe till the an initial voyages the Columbus

Which the the complying with statements around Earth is correct?

It is elongated.

The earth is the second largest earth in the solar system.

The earth is perfectly spherical.

The equatorial diameter is 42 kilometres (26 mi.)

greater than the polar diameter.

The diameter of planet is largest when measured approximately the

prime meridian.




An angular distance measured north or south of the equator from the center of planet is termed




Greenwich distance.

An angular street measured eastern or west of a prime meridian from the center of planet is termed



Greenwich distance.


The meridian the opposite of Earth"s prime meridian (0° longitude) is referred to as

the anti­meridian.

the equator.

the International day Line.

secondary meridian

If you were standing in ~ 60° phibìc latitude you would certainly be in ~ which latitudinal geographic zone?






If City A is situated west of City B, the time at City A is __________ 보다 that in ~ City B due to the fact that the earth rotates native __________ as soon as viewed from above the north Pole.

earlier; eastern to west (i.e., clockwise)

earlier; west to east(i.e., counterclockwise)

later; eastern to west (i.e., clockwise)

later; west to eastern (i.e., counterclockwise)

If a clock top top a ship shows that that is 2:00 P.M. In its home port, while an additional clock top top the ship shows that it is 12:00 noon in ~ the ship"s existing location, what is the difference in longitude between the ship"s position and also its home port?

The ship is 2° west the its home port.

The ship is 30° east of its residence port.

The ship is 45° west that its home port.

The delivery is 30° west that its house port.

The ship is 2° eastern of its residence port

A great circle is

any parallel of latitude.

a one of one whose facility coincides v the facility of Earth.

the longest distance in between two places on the surface ar of the Earth.

a correct magnetic compass direction on a flat map.

The range of a map can be expressed whereby of the following?

graphic range

written range

representative portion

All of these are correct.

None of this is correct.

A map range of 1:24,000 method that

one customs on the map equals 24,000 customs on the ground.

one foot on the map equals 24,000 feet ~ above the earth.

one centimeter on the map equates to 24,000 centimeters ~ above the ground.

all that the over

none that the above

Which the the complying with is false?

The sunlight produces power through fusion.

The sun is by far the biggest star in the Milky method Galaxy.

The sunlight is typical in color, temperature, and also size when compared to other stars.

The planets orbit the Sun, and the Sun and Solar device are part of the Milky method Galaxy.

The planets in the solar device are thought to have formed as a result of a procedure known together __________ i m sorry is led to by __________.

fission; gravity

accretion; heaviness

fusion; heaviness

accretion; centrifugal

acceleration; centrifugal force

Light travel at a speed of about

300,000 kilometers per second (186,333 miles every second).

300,000 kilometers every hour (186,336 mph).

80,500 kilometers every hour (50,000 mph).

1,000,000,000 kilometers per 2nd (621,118,012 miles per second).

Which that the complying with accurately defines Earth"s street from the sun?

The earth is closer to the sunlight in January (perihelion) and also farther far in July (aphelion).

It takes light an typical of 8 minutes and 20 secs to take trip from the sunlight to the earth.

The earth­sun street averages 150 million kilometers (93 million miles).

All of these are correct

Which the the adhering to is true the Earth"s orbit about the Sun?

it is elliptical.

It is perfectly circular.

It takes about the same time for the earth to orbit the sunlight as the does because that the rest of the planets in the solar system to orbit the sun.

The orbit go not differ over numerous years. That is elliptical.

It takes approximately the same time because that the planet to orbit the sun as the does because that the remainder of the planets in the solar mechanism to orbit the sun.

The sun produces i m sorry of the following?

only solar wind

only radiant power that is helpful to life

mainly ultraviolet and also X­rays

mainly visible light and infrared energy

A magnetic disturbance top top the Sun"s surface is dubbed

a magnetospheric cyclone.

a sunspot.

the electromagnetic spectrum.

the solar wind.

The auroras in the upper atmosphere are brought about by

AM radio broadcasts.

the interaction of the solar wind and atmospheric gases.

the communication of electromagnetic energy with atmospheric gases.

various weather phenomena.

Which of the adhering to have been associated with sunspot cycles?

abnormally wet years


abnormally wet years and droughts

none the the above

The two key portions of the solar spectrum which get in the atmosphere are

infrared and also gamma rays.

visible and infrared energy.

ultraviolet and also visible light.

X­rays and also visible light.

The uneven distribution of insolation through latitude is mostly a an outcome of

Earth"s sphericity, i beg your pardon presents varied angles come parallel solar rays.

variation in the worth of a watt.

variability in the Sun"s output. The changing distance of planet from the Sun.

What is the name of the place on the surface of the planet that receives insolation as soon as the sun is straight overhead? (When this occurs, the sun"s rays space perpendicular to this surface.)

solar point

North Polar allude


subsolar point

On the northern hemisphere"s summer solstice, the phibìc polar region receives __________ everyday insolation than locations nearer the equator due to the fact that __________.

less; the sun does not rise

less; the sunlight does not rise

more; the sunlight is greater in the skies

more; the sun does no set

Which the the complying with cannot be attributed to the results of the Earth"s rotation?


deflection the the winds

deflection the the ocean currents


rise and fall the tides

Which the the adhering to is true concerning Earth"s axis?

The axis is tilted 23.5° native a perpendicular to the airplane of the ecliptic.

Axial tilt is unrelated come the phenomenon of seasonal change.

The amount of axial tilt fluctuates during the year and also forms the basis because that seasonal changes.

The axis stays parallel to the plane of the ecliptic

On June 21, the sun never ever sets at John"s location. Based upon this, it deserve to be finish that john lives

between the Tropic that Capricorn and also the Antarctic Circle.

between the Tropic the Cancer and the Arctic Circle.

below the Antarctic Circle.

above the Arctic Circle.

Which of the following characterizes the Earth"s revolution?

It identify the timing of seasons and also length the the year.

It takes roughly 24 hours.

It is clockwise as soon as viewed from over the north Pole.

It is responsible for producing the one of illumination, and hence, day/night relationships.

The Tropic the Cancer refers to

the location of the subsolar suggest on September 22.

the parallel that occurs in ~ 23.5° south latitude.

the parallel the is the farthest northern location for the subsolar suggest during the year.

0° latitude once the sun crosses the equator.

The longest days of the year in the northern Hemisphere room experienced during the

time that the sunlight is straight overhead at the Tropic that Cancer.

time that 24­hour days at the south Pole.

autumnal equinox.

vernal equinox.

Which is no true the Earth"s atmosphere?

It protects united state from fatal UV radiation, yet lets light through.

The principle problem is air, a mixture of plenty of gases that behaves like a solitary gas.

It is the sum of all the exhalations and inhalations that life ~ above Earth.

We take into consideration the optimal of the atmosphere to be 32,000 km (20,000 mi.) native Earth.

Its temperatures variety from ­90°C (­130°F) levels to 1200°C (2200°F)

Life is possible on planet primarily because

variable gases the all types exist in the atmosphere.

gamma rays and also X­rays with the surface.

ultraviolet radiation will the surface.

the ozonosphere and ionosphere shield the surface ar from harmful radiation.

Based on composition, the setting is separated into

one continuous region.

two functional areas that absorb radiation native the Sun.

the troposphere and also the stratosphere.

two large classifications: homosphere and also heterosphere.

Based top top temperature, the environment is split into

two wide regions.

nitrogen, oxygen, argon.

four regions: varying from the troposphere to the thermosphere.

two functional areas that absorb radiation from the Sun.

Based ~ above function, the setting has

five regions start with the outermost thermosphere.

the troposphere and also the stratosphere.

one continuous region.

two functional areas that absorb radiation indigenous the Sun.

The heterosphere is the great of the environment in i m sorry the gases are __________ because of __________.

poorly mixed; thermal movements (i.e., convection) well mixed; thermal movements (i.e., convection) fine mixed; the influence of heaviness which causes gases of different weight come diffuse randomlypoorly mixed; the affect of gravity which reasons gases of different weight to separate right into layers

poorly mixed; the influence of heaviness which reasons gases of various weight to separate into layers

The thermopause is located

approximately 480 km (300 mi.) above Earth"s surface.

at the bottom the the homosphere.

between the mesosphere and also the thermosphere.

wherever ­90°C (­130°F) is recorded.

Which the the complying with is true that the ionosphere?

All radio signals pass with this an ar virtually unaffected.

The an ar principally absorbs gamma rays, X­rays, and interacts v the solar wind.

It primarily absorbs harmful infrared wavelengths.

It is gift depleted through interactions with human­produced chlorofluorocarbons.

Which the the adhering to lists the correct sequence of gases, from most to least, in state of percent within the homosphere?

oxygen, nitrogen, neon, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide

oxygen, ozone, nitrogen, PAN, carbon dioxide

nitrogen, argon, oxygen, xenon, carbon dioxide

nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, map gases

The ozonosphere is an important to life due to the fact that it

produces the auroras.

absorbs most ultraviolet wavelengths.

affects temperatures.

absorbs visible light wavelengths

Which that the gases detailed below has built up in the setting as a result of biological processes?




water vapor

Temperatures increase with boosting altitude in what 2 atmospheric layers?

stratosphere and also mesosphere

troposphere and mesosphere

stratosphere and thermosphere

troposphere and also stratosphere

Temperatures to decrease with increasing altitude in what two atmospheric layers?

troposphere and also stratosphere

stratosphere and thermosphere

stratosphere and also mesosphere

troposphere and mesosphere none of the over

temperature decreases with increasing altitude in every layers that the atmosphere

The greatest temperatures in the setting occur in the __________ since __________.

stratosphere; methane is together an reliable greenhouse gas

troposphere; infrared radiation indigenous the floor heats this layer much more than any kind of other class

thermosphere; carbon dioxide has collected to really high level in this layer

mesosphere; high soot solar radiation causes strong chemical reactions through ozone, and also this heats the great to really high temperatures.

thermosphere; the is in direct call with high energy solar radiation

thermosphere; it is in direct call with high power solar radiation

Weather is confined come the troposphere because

solar radiation does not heat other class of the atmosphere.

the temperature of the stratosphere stays clear of tropospheric wait from rising into it.

terrestrial radiation offers no heat whatsoever come the various other layers of the atmosphere.

cold air sink from the stratosphere into the troposphere

the temperature the the stratosphere stays clear of tropospheric air from rising right into it.

Sources of herbal variable gases and materials include every one of the adhering to except

commercial activity.


forest fires.

plants and also decaying plants.

industrial task

The reaction of auto exhaust and ultraviolet light

forms smoke and also fog.

is influence the stratospheric ozone concentration.

produces commercial smog.

produces photochemical smog.

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produces optical chemicals smog.

What three pollutants reaction in the presence of sunshine to produce ozone?

particulates, carbon monoxide, and also water vapor

nitrogen dioxide, particulates, and also water vapor

hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide, and also carbon monoxide

sulfur oxides, lead, and carbon monoxide

hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide, and also carbon monoxide

What 2 pollutants react with water to create acid rain?

sulfur oxides and ozone

nitrogen oxides and ozone

sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides

sulfur oxides and PAN

sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides

Which the the complying with is a repercussion of mountain rain?

A. Changes in soil chemistry

B. Damage to aquatic ecosystems (rivers and lakes)

C. The dying of woodlands

D. All of the above.

all the above
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