Application Software
type of software application that includes programs that assist people do certain tasks
Binary Codelanguage a computer system can understand. Binary code is comprised of a series of ones and also zeros.

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Bytea solitary character of data. A Gig, or gigabyte (GB) equals 1,000,000,000 bytes that data.
Central handling Unita silicon chip that processes data and carries out instructions provided to the computer. The main processing unit is also known as the microprocessor.
Compact Discis one optical storage maker that offers laser an innovation to save information. The is read by a CD-ROM drive in a computer and can organize the tantamount of 500 floppy disks.
Computera device that deserve to store, retrieve, manipulate and procedure data to develop an outcome.
Floppy DiskA floppy decaying is a magnetic, non-rigid storage an equipment that have the right to be offered to store data and transport the to one more computer. It is encased in a plastic sleeve to safeguard its data.
Hard Drivestorage an equipment that reads and also writes data to and from a round, strictly disks in the computer.
Hardwarethe physical devices of a computer. Hardware consists of input devices, the central processing unit, calculation devices, and memory. The main parts space the central processing unit (CPU), the monitor, the keyboard, and the mouse.
Input Devicea machine through i m sorry a computer takes in information. Input tools include keyboards, computer mouse devices, and scanners.
Keyboardinput machine that is used to type text and commands right into a computer.
Monitoroutput an equipment that displays text, objects, graphics, photographs, video, and also animation ~ above a screen.
MouseA mouse is a hand-held input machine that controls the cursor
Networktwo or more computers linked together come share files, software, and resources, such together printers.
Operating Systemthe most important kind of system software that manages exactly how a computer's hardware and also the main processing unit communicate, manages files, and runs applications software.
Output Devicea machine through i beg your pardon a computer sends out information. Output gadgets include monitors, printers, and speakers and headphones.
PeripheralsAdditional materials besides the main parts that the computer such together printers and also scanners.
Printeroutput machine that transfers information to a hard copy, such as document or a transparency
Random accessibility MemoryRandom access memory, or RAM, is a number of silicon chips inside a computer that organize information the is being used by the central processing unit as long as the computer system is rotate on. Additionally known as momentary memory, it forgets every little thing it knows once the computer is turned off.
Read just MemoryRead just memory, or ROM, is the small bit of memory that continues to be in the computer when the is rotate off. That is ROM that allows the computer system “boot up” or obtain started. ROM holds the instructions that tell the computer system how to start to fill its operating system.
Programapplication or software. Can be done by a computer.
Processingbasic computer duty that ad to as soon as a computer uses information.
Scannerinput machine that is offered to change images into information that a computer system can read.
Softwarea collection of instructions the makes computer hardware work. Software application is also known as programs or applications.

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Storagebasic computer duty that describes when information is saved in a computer..