Be sure to answer every parts. The vapor push of ethanol (C2H,OH) in ~ 20°C is 44 mmHg, and also the vapor pressure of methanol (CH3OH) in ~ the very same temperature is 94 mmHg. A mixture that 32.3 g the methanol and 43.9 g of ethanol is prepared and also can it is in assumed to behave as perfect solution. Calculate the vapor pressure of methanol and also ethanol above this solution at 20°C. Be sure to report her answers come the correct number of far-ranging figures. Methanol mmHg Ethanol mmHg calculate the mol portion of methanoi and ethanol in the vapor above this equipment at 20°C. Methanol Ethanol

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The vapor pressure of liquid C4H10 is 324.1 mmHg at a temperature that 251.0 K. The enthalpy the vaporization, ΔHvap, for this liquid is 22.4 kJ/mol.

What is the vapor press of C4H10 at a temperature the 269.2 K, in mmHg?


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Solid iodine has a vapor press of 1.0 Hg at 39 level C. How numerous moles the iodine will certainly sublime into a 500 mL flank in ~ this temperature? The vapor pressure of ethanol is 400 mmHg in ~ 63.5 degree C. That molar warm of vaporization is 39.3 kJ/nol. What is the vapor press of ethanol, in mmHg, at 34.9 degree C? Iridium has actually a radius of 136 pa and also crystallizes in a face-centered cubic unit cell. What is the edge size of the unit cell? An aspect forms a body-centered cubic crystalline substance. The edge length of the unit cabinet is 287 pm and the density of the decision is 7.92 g/cm^3. Calculation the atomic load of the substance. (Avogadro"s # = 6.022 times 10^23) salt hydroxide is easily accessible commercially as a 40.0 by load aqueous solution. Calculation the molality of this sodium hydroxide solution. At 80_oC, pure liquid A has a vapor pressure of 700 mmHg and also pure fluid B has actually a vapor pressure of 940 mm Hg. What is X_A because that a solution of A and B with a regular boiling point of 80_oC? calculation the freezing point of a systems of 20.0 methyl salicylate, C_7H_6O_2, dissolved in 800. G that benzene, C_6H_6. Kf is 5.10_oC/m and the freezing allude is 5.50_oC because that benzene. What is the molar fixed of sucrose (table sugar) if a solution prepared by dissolve 0.822 g that sucrose in 300.0 mL of water has actually an osmotic press (II) the 149 mm Hg in ~ 298K? (II = MRT(R, gas constant = 0.08206 L.atm/K.mol)